Long-running series of Dutch Barks albums coming to an end

Posted on April 22nd 2007 in Disney comics, Europe

De Beste Verhalen van Donald Duck (“The Best Stories of Donald Duck”) is a series in the Netherlands that has been reprinting Carl Barks stories since 1975. Last week the 132th album in the series came out, and with it Dutch publisher Sanoma has announced that, with almost all Barks reprinted, the series will soon come to an end.

Later this year albums 131 and 132 are still planned, but those will be the last issues in the series until new Barks stories are available. Dutch artist Daan Jippes has been inking old scripts of Carl Barks for Danish publisher Egmont. New Jippes stories have been made, but Sanoma cannot publish these until they have been published by Egmont itself. There will probably be enough new stories to fill another two or three albums, but this has not yet been confirmed.

The covers of all albums in De Beste Verhalen van Donald Duck are original covered created by Daan Jippes

Source: Roddelflop (Dutch)

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