Wizards of Donald?

Posted on October 5th 2007 in Disney comics, Europe

One year after Walt Disney Company Italy ran a 10-part series in its weekly Topolino magazine, titled Wizards of Mickey, the series is being published in the Nordic countries by Egmont. Wizards of Mickey, which was created by Claretta Muci and Stefano Ambrosio, is renamed by Egmont in Norway to “Donald Duck – Magiens mestere”, kicking Mickey out of the spotlight. Apparently, Donald Duck is far more popular in the Nordic countries than Mickey is. The first chapter comes out this week and features a redrawn cover putting Donald in front of Mickey:

Redrawn cover of Wizards of Mickey

The official Norwegian website for Donald Duck & Co features two free backgrounds and posters from Wizards of Mickey Donald at www.donald.no.

Wizards of Mickey was reprinted earlier this year in Brazil, where the original cover was used for the first issue. This issue of Aventuras Disney from June 2007 reprinted the first three chapters of the Wizards of Mickey series:

Wizards of Mickey in Brazil


Oct 9, 2007
9:23 pm
#1 Eirik Birkeland wrote:

“The first chapter comes out this week”. should be changed to “The first series comes out this week.” This book contains the entire series 1 of Wizards of Mickey.

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