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The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Volume 2

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This week, BOOM! Studios releases the second volume in their hardcover collection of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa. Scroll down to see a 14-page preview of this book, which can be ordered from Amazon for $16.49. The deluxe hardcover book, which will be released on Wednesday, April 14th, collects the final six chapters of the 12-part Eisner Award-winning series:

Cover of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Volume 2

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BOOM Kids! brings back DuckTales

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Just a few days ago BOOM Kids! announced the launch of a new Darkwing Duck series in June. Today we learned that this same month will see the return of another classic Disney TV show to comic books in the USA. Starting with issue #392, the Uncle Scrooge series will feature four issues of DuckTales stories.

The kick-off issue will contain the 1991 Danish story The Everlasting Coal (written by Paul Halas and Tom Anderson with art by Xavier Vives Mateu) and a reprint of The Littlest Gizmoduck from 1990 (art by Roberto Santillo), which was originally created for Disney Adventures.

“DuckTales is one of the most beloved television shows of the ’90s,” said BOOM Kids! editor Aaron Sparrow. “It's just spectacular to be bringing it back for a whole new generation to discover and enjoy!”

Uncle Scrooge #392 will have two different covers. The one shown here is with art by Dutch artist Michel Nadorp.

Uncle Scrooge 392 by BOOM Kids!

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Darkwing Duck is Back!

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Do you remember Darkwing Duck, the terror that flaps in the night? The 1990s superhero duck from Saturday mornings on ABC returns in his own comic book mini-series from Boom! Studios this June. Lanchpad McQuack, Gosalyn Mallard and the fiercest of Darkwing's rogue gallery all join the daring duck of mystery in an all-new, completely original four-issue mini-series: Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns.

Darkwing Duck by Boom! Studios

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10-page preview of Casty’s The World to Come from WDC&S 703

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This week Boom! Studios released issue #703 of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories with the first part of The World to Come by Italian writer/artist Andrea “Casty” Castellan. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, check out this preview of the first 10 pages to whet your appetite.

WDC 703 WDC 703

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Interview with Casty, creator of WDC&S’ upcoming “Mickey Mouse and the World to Come”

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Photo of Casty
On February 10th, Walt Disney's Comics & Stories issue 703 (published by Boom! Studios in the United States) will start a new multi-part story arc titled “Mickey Mouse and the World to Come,” which was written and drawn by talented Italian artist Andrea Castellan, who goes by the name of Casty.

I had a chance to ask Casty some questions about his career as a writer/artist and his work for Disney. Casty shared with me his early start in writing comics, where he finds his inspiration, and details about an upcoming story that may be of interest to duck fans!

Topolino e il mondo che verrà by Casty

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Preview of Boom! Studios’ new collection of the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa!

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Yesterday Boom! Studios released the first book collecting Don Rosa’s legendary epic story The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. The hardcover album ($16.49 at Amazon) was released earlier than expected, but in case you haven’t seen it yet here are some pictures of this fabulous new book.

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Volume 1

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Two new monthly comics from Boom! Studios this month

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Wizards of Mickey issue 1Boom! Studios in the United States is launching two new monthly series this month: Wizards of Mickey and Disney’s Hero Squad.

Wizards of Mickey #1, on sale January 27th, will continue the epic tale of magical adventure that was started in Mickey Mouse & Friends issues #296 – #299. The stories proved popular enough to garner its own stand alone series. Wizards of Mickey follows the adventures of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy as they compete in the Grand Wizard's tournament, determined to win all the pieces of the Sorcerer Supreme's crown and free Mickey's master from the clutches of the evil Phantom Blot! You can pre-order Wizards of Mickey #1 for $2.39.

Ultraheroes issue 1Disney’s Hero Squad, which will also go on sale on January 27th, continues the Ultraheroes stories that were started in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #699 – #702. The series features Super Goof, Duck Avenger, Eega Beeva, The Red Bat and more coming together as Disney's mightiest band of heroes, ready to stomp out the bad guys wherever they may lurk! Pre-order Hero Squad now for $2.39.

"The fan response to Wizards of Mickey and Disney’s Hero Squad has been completely insane," says BOOM! Disney Editor Aaron Sparrow. "These characters have reached a whole new audience, and fans, old and new, have clamored to have these stories in their own dedicated series. Well, you demanded it and we delivered."

So what will happen to Mickey Mouse & Friends and Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories? The first one will take a break for a while as Boom prepares the next wave of Mickey Mouse stories. This will delay the series milestone #300 issue, which would have been next. Comics & Stories #703 will see the debut of a new series by Italian artist Casty titled “Mickey Mouse and The World to Come” (I TL 2721-3P, “Topolino e il mondo che verrà“). For a preview of Casty’s work see this fan-made website about his work.

From this website you can even download a wallpaper for the story that is coming to Comics & Stories:

Topolino e il mondo che verrà

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Covers for Mickey Mouse 297 and Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories 700

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On November 18th, Boom! Kids will release the next issues of Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories, which will feature the second chapters in the Wizards of Mickey and Ultraheroes series. Just like the first issues there will be two regular covers and a limited edition cover for each issue. Note the limited cover for WDC&S is the penciled version of Cover A, which I think is pretty neat.

To celebrate the milestone 700th edition of Walt Disney Comics, Boom is bringing us a a double-sized issue at no additional cost. Besides the regular 32 pages of the second chapter of Ultraheroes, it also has a special back-up feature by William Van Horn, an 8-page story titled Close-ups.

The next two issues of Walt Disney Comics will wrap up the first arc of the Ultraheroes series, which will spin off into its own special series in January with Disney’s Hero Squad: Ultraheroes #1, a trade paperback now available for pre-order on Amazon for $9.99. That same month Walt Disney Comics will start a new 4-part story arc starring Mickey Mouse in The World of Tomorrow, a newspaper strip by Floyd Gottfredson from 1944 an Italian story from 2008 written and drawn by Casty.

Mickey Mouse 297 Cover A

Mickey Mouse 297 Cover B

Mickey Mouse 297 Cover C

WDC&S 700 Cover A

WDC&S 700 Cover B

WDC&S 700 Cover C
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New Life of Scrooge and Christmas books from Boom! Studios

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Amazon has some new artwork of two of Boom! Studios’ upcoming hardcover books: The Life & Times Of Scrooge McDuck: Volume 1 and Walt Disney’s Christmas Classic. Each of the two books can now be pre-ordered for $16.49.

The Christmas book, which comes out in three weeks, has a neat “Look Inside” feature that allows you to see some pages inside. It looks like Boom has selected a nice variety of classic Christmas stories. The contents are:

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Covers and 5-page preview of Donald Duck 347 from Boom! Kids

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On November 4th, Boom! Kids will launch their new Donald Duck & Friends series with issue #374 (pre-order here). It’s the first new issue of Donald Duck & Friends in almost three years. The series originally started in 1952.

Boom is kicking off Donald Duck with another series from the pages of Italian Topolino. This 142-page saga is titled DoubleDuck featuring Donald as a secret agent. It was written by Fausto Vitaliano and Marco Bosco with art by Andrea Freccero, Francesco D’Ippolito, Marco Mazzarello and Vitale Mangiatordi.

Here is a preview of the covers and the first five pages of the story: More »

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