Dr. Erika Fuchs, German Micky Maus’ first editor-in-chief

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Dr. Erika FuchsLegendary Dr. Erika Fuchs, born on 7 December 1906 in Rostock and first editor-in-chief of German’s weekly magazine Micky Maus, would have turned 100 years old today. She became famous in Germany for her quality translations of Carl Barks stories and set a very high standard for the language used in the German Disney comics, a standard that is still followed today. More »

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Walt Disney Company Italy previews new comic series: Speed Loop

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Speed LoopAt the Lucca 2006 Comics and Games fair in November, the Walt Disney Company Italy presented the first issue (‘Episodio Zero’) of a new comic book for boys. The new series is much more a cross between a manga-style comic and a video game, than your usual classic Disney comic. The exciting story is told like a true novel, interpreted in the form of a comic strip with an original graphic style. More »

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Edimpresa cancels classic Disney comics in Portugal

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Portuguese publisher Edimpresa has announced the cancellation of all their monthly ‘classic character’ magazines like Pato Donald (“Donald Duck”) and Tio Pathinas (“Uncle Scrooge”), shifting focus to pre-school magazines (eg. Winnie the Pooh) and girls magazines (eg. W.i.t.c.h. and Fairies) only. More »

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Read Italian Wizards of Mickey series, free on official website

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Ten-part fantasy series Wizards of Mickey started in early October in Italian weekly Topolino (“Mickey Mouse”) magazine, and now the official website of the series ( features past chapters of the serialized story as free downloads! Putting stories online for free is an unprecendented event in Disney comics history! More »

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A sneak preview at Wizards of Mickey

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Here are a few high-resolution scans of this week’s premiere of Wizards of Mickey in Italy’s weekly Topolino magazine. More »

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German Micky Maus Magazin celebrates 55th anniversary

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Micky Maus has had a huge cultural and educational influence on German society in the last 55 years. Since the first issue of weekly Micky Maus magazine came out on 29 August 1951, generations have learnt new words and expanded their vocabulary from reading the fantastic adventures of Mickey Mouse and his friends. Nobody had thought that the magazine would become what it is today; over 90% of Germans have heard of Micky Maus magazine, and half of the German population today have learnt to read with it. More »

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Three new Disney summer titles in Germany this month

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July 2006 sees the release of three new titles in Germany, providing lots of fun for the summer, with pirates, the Junior Woodchucks, and sudoku! More »

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Don Rosa to tour Germany this yearexternal link

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For the first time since 2000, world famous Duck artist Don Rosa will visit Germany in September and October 2006 for the Frankfurt Book Messe and a signing tour in several German cities. The exact dates are not yet fixed, but DuckMania already has a list of possible dates and places.

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Disney sudoku magazine in the Netherlandsexternal link

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After a sudoku Disney magazine in France, Picsoudoku, the Netherlands also saw the release of a Donald Duck sudoku puzzle magazine: Suducku, a special of the series Donald Duck Puzzelpret (“Donald Duck Puzzle Fun”). The magazine has 70 puzzles and is available at stores across the Netherlands for EUR 2.95.

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Round soccer ball-shaped comic book released in Germany

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Lustiges Taschenbuch ExtraThis month Ehapa released a a special edition of their popular Lustiges Taschenbuch pocket series: a round-shaped 353-page comic book titled Lustiges Taschenbuch Extra Fussball-Fieber! The book is shaped like a soccer ball, for the World Cup Soccer in Germany this year. More »

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