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An easy trip to London

Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2005 at 9:38 pm CET

Last weekend we flew with easyJet to London Luton, then took the easyBus to central London and then we stayed at the easyHotel. At GBP 2 per person for the bus and GBP 35.60 for the room per night this was our cheapest trip to London thus far. Everything was very basic, but pretty great. Except for a few things …

The easyGroup is expanding rapidly, introducing new brands like easyPizza and easyWatch; have a look at their website. This weekend we experienced three of these easy’s, and we were impressed. Of course, you shouldn’t expect much for the low price, for instance having your hotel room cleaned between nights costs GBP 10, extra towels are GBP 1, a remote for your TV is GBP 5 per 24 hours and you don’t get free food or drinks on the flight. But still the room was clean, the flight was on time and the easy people were friendly. What else do you need?


  • The flight, bus and hotel were super cheap
  • The flight and easyBus were on time. In fact, the easyBus was faster (55 minutes) than the Greenline bus we’ve taken from Luton Airport to London other times. On the way back there was an 11 car crash on the highway, but the driver managed to get us to the airport perfectly on time by taking a detour.
  • The hotel was very clean and efficient. You can’t get an en-suite room in central London for this price anywhere else. The location was also great; just a 5 minute walk from Earl’s Court Tube station.


  • Our biggest annoyance was that the hotel didn’t have left luggage. So on the last day we had to drag our bags around town and ended up storing them at at the National History Museum for GBP 8. easyHotel could make some extra money by charging GBP 2 per bag if you ask me. An alternative is to use Left Luggage at a train station, but that is GBP 5.50 per bag, no matter the size.
  • The easyBus was very small (see photo below) and you had to keep your luggage by your feet or on your lap. They should use a bus that is made to store large luggage somewhere. When two or three passengers show up with large suitcases it won’t fit.
  • We had a ‘tiny room’ with a ‘tiny loo’ (see photos below) and they couldn’t be more right about this. It was basically a closet. I guess one could make a hotel room even smaller by lowering the ceiling, but I don’t think that has been done before. It was a challenge getting dressed in the morning, but it was really cozy anyway, and the only hours we spent in the room were sleeping hours, so it was fine.

easyBus at London Luton Airport

easyHotel, London

a 'tiny room at easyHotel, London

a 'tiny loo' at easyHotel, London


Nov 22, 2005
5:55 pm
#1 Arthur wrote:

Today easyJet announced that (from “annual earnings rose 9 percent after new routes, cost cuts and rising demand helped offset higher fuel costs.”

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