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Great service from Kensington

Posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2006 at 1:13 am CET

I bought a Gel Mouse Rest from Kensington some time ago. As advertised the “non-reflective mousing surface” would ensure “optimum mouse performance”, but my experience was that the surface of the pad was too slick, allowing the mouse cursor on my screen to constantly slip away.

I tried two different mice on two different computers, including an optic mouse and a traditional mouse with a ball, but the result was the same in all situations; the cursor kept sliding to the edge of my screen unexpectedly and I found it impossible to work with.

Disappointed with my 25 EURO purchase, I put my shiny new mouse pad aside and I sent an email to Kensington customer support, here in the Netherlands, suggesting that they should investigate the problem.

To my pleasant surprise, I received a friendly email back asking for my mailing address, and today I received a box with no less than three different gel mouse-pads! These are much better and do not have the slick surface of the bad Gel Mouse Rest (model number 62386).

Right now I am using the Height Adjustable Optical Wrist Pad (model number 57712), and it is extremely comfortable and my mouse performs perfectly.

So, thank you Kensington — your service is outstanding! I don’t need any new mouse pads for a while, but when these three have run out I will make sure that my next one will again be a Kensington. 🙂

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