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Welcome to Disney Comics Worldwide, your number one source for information about Disney comics and magazines from around the world. With approximately 50% of the market, Disney is the largest publisher of children's magazines and comics (excluding manga) in the world! Disney comics, books and magazines are published in 85 languages in 75 countries, from Czech Republic to China and from Israel to Indonesia.

This is an unofficial fan website that is in no way related to Disney or any publisher of Disney comics. All images on this website are copyright The Walt Disney Company.

This site was launched in 1995 (wow, has it been that long?) and over the years I've collected information on international editions of Disney comics from friends, collectors, publishers and the issues that I've collected myself.

However (this is important!) each comic page will tell you when it was last updated, so please be aware of this when you're looking something up as some information on this website may be outdated. Please do not see the information on this site as official facts; none of it is official Disney information and nor is it all information provided to me by publishers! Some of it may be wrong.

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I love to receive information and scans of new Disney series anywhere in the world that I can use on my website. Or even better, if you'd like to send me some free comics I'll be happy to give you my address ;o)

How can you contribute to DCW?

If you have additional information about a Disney title or a publisher that you have seen on this site or if you have information about a new title or publisher that is missing on this site, please contact me. I'm looking for a short description on the type of material that's featured inside, the size, number of pages, name of publisher and any other information that you can give me.

If you want to provide a scan of a cover, please provide a scan where the comic is at least 240 pixels wide in JPEG, TIF or BMP format. A larger size is even better. Many thanks for your help.
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