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10.04  终极米迷 (Ultimate Fan) - China
10.04  米奇老友記 (Mickey Buddy) - Hong Kong
10.04  X-Mickey - Hong Kong
10.04  Donald Duck Comics English Version - Indonesia
10.04  Komik Terbaik Disney Karya Carl Barks - Indonesia
24.06  Urtigão - Brazil
19.06  Donald Duck & Co - Germany
19.06  Micky Maus Rätselmagazin - Germany
23.04  W.i.t.c.h. - Romania
23.04  Winnie Ursuletul - Romania

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15.10  Wall-E - United States
15.10  Wizards of Mickey - United States
15.10  Disney's Hero Squad: Ultraheroes - United States
15.10  The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (2010) - United States
15.10  Muppet Robin Hood - United States
15.10  Muppet Peter Pan - United States
15.10  Monsters, Inc. - United States
15.10  The Muppet Show Comic Book - United States
15.10  Finding Nemo - United States
15.10  Toy Story - United States
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The information on this page was last updated 4 September 2003
Disney Explora, a children's magazine that circulates weekly with newspapers, was launched in March 1999 by Visor in Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Brazil, plus Paraguay in June of that same year. Visor provides the ability to distribute Disney Explora weekly to 34 newspapers in Argentina and to four other countries, reaching an initial circulation of 410,000 copies.

The newspapers that carry the magazine use the optional purchase system, offering Disney Explora for an additional $2.40 with purchase of the newspaper. The glossy Disney Explora targets children aged 9 to 11. It contains a 40-page mix of general interest editorial material and comics based on popular Disney charactgers. Educational content consists of articles on various school themes.

Disney Explora benefits from heavy promotional support in Argentina, where many of the 34 participating newspapers belong to multimedia groups that can provide strong communication campaigns. All newspapers use TV, print and outdoor advertising.

The first issue of Disney Explora included an attractive pack to gain reader loyalty. The pack contained A Bug's Life hardcover book with stickers appearing over the first 15 issues; a hardcover folder for collecting the How the World Works series (a non-Disney school support series); the first two issies of the school support series; and a surprise gift pack with posters, postcards, mini-books and coupons for winning Nintendo games, bicycles, soccer balls and trips to Walt Disney World. Following issues also includes premiums.

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