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Disney comics in Australia

To celebrate Mickey’s 75th Anniversary in 2004, Otter Press launched three classic titles in Australia and New Zealand in April 2004. These are Walt Disney Comics and Stories, Uncle Scrooge and Mickey Mouse and Friends -- all exact copies of the issues that Gemstone publishes in the United States. Disney comics like this had not been published in Australia for over 25 years! Unfortunately the Walt Disney Comics & Stories and Uncle Scrooge titles were cancelled in August 2005.

Also, Australian Consolidated Press publishes three titles in Australia: Disney Adventures, Disney GiRL and Winnie the Pooh & Friends.

From at least the late 60s (possibly much earlier) to about 1978, a series of Australian-printed Disney comics were available. They also seem to have been made available to South-East Asian countries, as the top left hand corner of the cover included a price for Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. They were published by W.G. Publications, Pty. until 1975, when the company changed its name to Wogan Pty. Ltd. Each comic book had 32 pages, including covers. The cover was printed on the same type of paper as the comic pages. At the bottom of page 3 and 30, the famous quote "Disney comics are good comics" was always printed, beneath the bottom panels. The basic printing of the black outlines of the drawings is quite good: Carl Barks' drawings look OK, but the coloring was generally quite dreadful, with garish colours used, which were not always printed within the black borders as intended. Four different series of comic books seem to have been produced:

The "M" series of MICKEY MOUSE (or occasionally MICKEY MOUSE AND GOOFY). These would have numbers such as "M156", "M220" etc. The "D" series of DONALD DUCK. These would have numbers such as "D150", "D244" etc. The WALT DISNEY'S COMICS series. These would have numbers such as "No. 327" etc. Additionally, each issue had a Volume and Number in the inside cover. For example, No. 327 was Volume 30, Number 6. (This example was printed in 1976.) There was more or less one volume per year, implying publication began in the 1940s. The WALT DISNEY GIANT COMICS series. These would have individual titles such as UNCLE SCROOGE, CHRISTMAS TIME IN DUCKBURG, SUPER GOOF, HUEY,DEWEY & LOUIE JUNIOR WOODCHUCKS, WALT DISNEY SHOWCASE: GOOFY etc. Together they formed a "G" series, with numbers such as "G470", "G695" etc. Despite the inside title "Giant Comics" these issues were still 32 pages.

In 1979, publication appears to have ceased, with US-printed Gold Key issues being imported instead.

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StatusTitle Rating FromTill
Canceled Beach Party (BP) 5.54 1956 - 1959
One-Shot Brother Bear Comic Book 5.28 2004  
Canceled Christmas Parade (CP) 5.46 1953 - 1969
Active Disney Adventures 5.42 ?  
Active Disney Girl 6.68 (#55) ?  
Active Disney Princess 5.23 ?  
One-Shot Disney's Home on the Range 5.91 2004  
One-Shot Disney’s Timon and Pumbaa 5.71 2004  
Canceled Donald Duck (D) 5.5 1956 - 1978
Canceled Donald Duck (DD) 5.03 1954 - 1956
Canceled Film Preview Comic (FP) 5.66 1954 - 1977
Active Finding Nemo Comic Book 6.26 ?  
Canceled Giant Comics (G) 6.17 1953 - 1978
Canceled Jumbo Comics (J) 6 1955 - 1969
Canceled Jumbo Comics (L) 5.7 1958  
Active Kim Possible 5.8 ?  
Active Lizzie McGuire 5.4 2004  > today
Canceled Mickey Mouse (M) 5.16 1956 - 1978
Canceled Mickey Mouse (MM) 6.11 1953 - 1956
Canceled Mickey Mouse and Friends 6.01 2004 - 2005
Canceled Special (SS) 6.2 1956 - 1957
One-Shot The Lion King Comic Book 5.23 ?  
Canceled Uncle Scrooge 6.1 2004 - 2005
Canceled Vacation Parade (VP) 5.43 ? - ?
Active W.i.t.c.h. 6.33 2007  > today
Canceled Walt Disney Comics & Stories 6.49 (#85) 2004 - 2005
Canceled Walt Disney's Comics (NO) 6.36 ? - ?
Active Winnie The Pooh & Friends 5.86 ?  
Canceled Winter Parade (WP) 6.18 ? - ?
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