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Disney comics in Belgium

Dutch comics have always been distributed in Belgium. Belgium is a country in which two languages are spoken. The northern part of Belgium (north of Brusseles) speaks Dutch, better called Flemish, as it is just a little different from Dutch. And the southern part of Belgium (south of Brusseles) speaks French.

French comics are sold in the southern part of Belgium, and Dutch comics are sold in the Northern part of Belgium! When one walks into a bookstore or kiosk in Belgium, only French comics, like Picsou Magazine, and Dutch comics, like Donald Duck weekly and Disneyland are available. There has been a time though, that a Belgium Disney comic was published. It was called Mickey Magazine, it ran from 1949 to 1959 andwas published by NV Drukkerij voor Nijverheid en Financien.

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How to get these titles

The titles of Sanoma Uitgevers are for sale in most book and magazine shops and grocery stores in the Netherlands and the northern part of Belgium. Some popular titles are also distributed to popular holiday destiations like Spain in summer time.

You can subscribe to Donald Duck Weekblad, Donald Duck Extra and Katrien.

If you live in the Netherlands you can subscribe online at this website or call 0800-226637 (only from the Netherlands)

For subscriptions abroad you can also call +31 23 556 69 01

The address of the publisher is: Sanoma Uitgers, afdeling klantenservice, Postbus 41014, 2130 ML Hooddorp.

Subscriptions for France and outside France write to: BP2 - 59718 Lille Cedex 9 or call Tél: +33 (0)

Subscriptions for Belgium write to: Partner Press, Rue Charles Parentes, 11 - 1070 Bruxelles or call Tél:+32 02/556.41.50

Address of the publisher: Journal de Mickey; 10, rue Thierry Le Luron; 92 592 Levallois Perret Cedex; Tél. Rédaction : +33 (0)

Subscriptions are available in the United States from for Le Journal De Mickey, Super Picsou Geant and Picsou Magazine.

You can find used titles of Disney Hachette Presse on and sometimes on

StatusTitle Rating FromTill
Active 50 reeks (Netherlands) 5.91 2002  > today
Active Album du Journal de Mickey (France) 5.76 1953  > today
Canceled Albums Mickey Magazine 4.98 ? - ?
Canceled Albums Walt Disney De Beukelaer 5.33 ? - ?
Canceled Alle klassieke verhalen (Netherlands) 5.14 1982 - 1992
Canceled Disney Fairies (Netherlands) 6.77 (#45) 2006 - 2007
Active Disney Junior Vakantieboek (Netherlands) 5.77 2007  > today
Canceled Disney Krant 5.54 2003 - 2008
Canceled Disney-Planète (France) 5.02 2000  
Canceled Disneyland (Netherlands) 4.9 1987 - 1995
Active Donald Duck (Netherlands) 6.5 (#80) 1952  > today
Active Donald Duck Extra (Netherlands) 5.54 1987  > today
Active Donald Duck Junior (Netherlands) 5.48 2008  > today
Active Donald Duck Minipocket (Netherlands) 5.57 2006  > today
Canceled Duck Power (Netherlands) 5.27 1997  
Canceled Ducktales (Netherlands) 5.63 ? - ?
One-Shot Hiawatha (France) 5.48 1987  
Active Katrien (Netherlands) 4.77 1999  > today
Active Le Journal de Mickey (France) 5.96 1952  > today
Canceled Le Journal de Mickey Aventure (France) 5.28 1993 - 1995
Canceled Le Journal de Mickey Mystère (France) 5.56 1993 - 1996
Canceled Mickey Magazine (Dutch) 4.83 1950 - 1959
Canceled Mickey Magazine (French) 4.58 1950 - 1959
Active Prinses Vakantieboek (Netherlands) 6.22 2009  > today
Active Super Picsou Géant (France) 6.26 1977  > today
Active Tinkelbel (Netherlands) 4.56 2007  > today
One-Shot W.i.t.c.h. vakantiestrip (Netherlands) 5.71 2006  
Active Winnie de Pooh Vakantieboek (Netherlands) 5.33 2009  > today
Active Zware Jongens Vakantieboek (Netherlands) 5.7 2009  > today
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