Mickey Magazine (French)

Mickey Magazine (French) (Belgium)Mickey Magazine (French) (Belgium)

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PublisherÉditions du Pont-Levis
Format 21 x 29 cm / 36 pages
StatusCanceled Canceled: 1950 to 1959
Issues468 - View index at I.N.D.U.C.K.S.
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The information on this page was last updated 31 December 2006
From 1950 to 1959 NV Drukkerij voor Nijverheid en Financien published a Belgian Disney magazine called Mickey Magazine. Two versions were produced, a Dutch and French version.

Mickey Magazine had a large format with newspaper-like paper. Half of the pages were in black and white and the other half in color. The magazine had the subtitle "Het blad voor kleine en grote kinderen" in Dutch and "Le journal des petits et des grands enfants" in French, which means "A magazine for young and old children".

It was a weekly magazine which costed 6 Belgian Franks or 40 Dutch cents throughout the years. In the 1950s, a lot of Belgian families lived in Congo, so several letters printed in the letters columns in the magazine were from children living in Congo and trying to find friends in Belgium with whom they could correspond.

Each issue had 20 pages. The exact date was always mentioned on the cover, for instance '3rd Year - May 15th 1953 - Nr 136'. Each magazine featured several puzzles and editorials and large letters columns. The stories, including ones by Carl Barks, were serialized and often printed one page per issue, but each issue ended with one complete story. On every page of that story, it would specifically say: "Our complete story".

All stories were resized to five or six lines per page. The coloring and lettering was very poor.

After 1959 Belgium didn't have Disney comics of its own. From that year the southern French-speaking part of the country received their comics from France, and the northern Dutch-speaking part from the Netherlands. Although Dutch Donald Duck weekly was already in print since 1952, they were only distributed to Belgium from 1959, the year Mickey Magazine stopped.

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Éditions du Pont-Levis
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