Mickey Mouse Camp in Germany

Posted on February 11th 2006 in Europe, Publishers

This summer German publisher of Micky Maus Magazin, Ehapa Verlag, and travel agency RUF Jugendreisen are organising a Micky Maus Camp for 8-to-12-year-old Junior Woodchucks-wannabees in Walsrode, Germany.

From 24 June to 2 September 2006 young fans of Huey, Duey and Louie can live at Camp Duckburg, eat like at Grandma Duck, and do scouts things, like exciting treasure hunts, creating campfires, canoe tours, scary night walks, and much more.

Parents can sign up their children for 249 EUR for 7 days at www.ruf.de/micky-maus-camp/.


Apr 1, 2006
5:11 pm
#1 Stephen wrote:

What a wonderful idea. I know that company RUF as being the biggest kid tour operator in Germany – probably the best partner to choose. I wish I could be ten again. 🙂

Jul 10, 2006
12:25 am
#2 Markus wrote:

I’ve been there for two weeks as a teamer. It was a great time and we have had much fun. The Team and the children to. 🙂

so long

Jul 13, 2006
11:00 am
#3 Didi wrote:

I am here as the pedagogian and psychologian specialist and will stay for the whole summer. We all have a great time with the kids and enjoy the summer. Most of the kids who come here enjoy their time and don’t want to go home again. to all who’ll visit us here: I promise you’ll have a great time and will enjoy your stay 😀

Jul 13, 2006
11:09 am
#4 Balu wrote:

I am the medical specialist and i am spending 5 weeks at the camp. there are a lot of small injuries but less to do for me. the majority of kids need psychological support. I enjoy my time here and i won’t miss one day here. 😀

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