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Posted on April 17th 2006 in Americas, Disney comics

Here is a line up of the May 2006 Disney comics from Gemstone Publishing in the United States, featuring a new trade paperback: Carl Barks’ Greatest DuckTales Stories Volume 1.

  • Carl Barks’ Greatest DuckTales Stories Vol. 1 ($10.95 TPB, 144 pages): Following on the first DVD release of Disney’s DuckTales TV series, Gemstone is issuing two trade paperbacks collecting the vintage Carl Barks Uncle Scrooge stories that DuckTales adapted to animation. This first volume includes “The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan,” “Land Beneath the Ground,” “The Lemming with the Locket” and more!
  • Donald Duck and Friends #340 ($2.95, 32 pages): In “A Blighted Birthday,” by Pat and Carol McGreal and Cesar Ferioli, Donald’s birthday present from Mickey Mouse entails a trip to a far-off island and a feather-raising adventure with local flora and fauna! Then Carl Barks’ “Master Glasser” plies his trade in a classic tale of duck expertise.
  • Donald Duck Adventures #18 ($7.95 manga format TPB, 128 pages): This issue Donald’s much-requested “secret identities” are featured. He and featherbrained cousin Fethry hunt monsters for TNT in “Let’s Get Kraken”, by Lars Jensen and Flemming Andersen. Then, in Andreas Pihl’s and Mårdøn Smet’s “Legacy,” Donald’s superheroic alias of the Duck Avenger is imperiled by lucky cousin Gladstone Gander. We think you’ll like the work of Smet, a celebrated Danish cartoonist, as much as we do.
  • Mickey Mouse and Friends #289 ($2.95, 32 pages): In “The Stuff of Dreams,” by the McGreals and Cesar Ferioli, mad scientist Dr. Winx brings Mickey’s Basil Wolverton-inspired dreams to life! Then in Paul Murry’s “I. Q. Switcheroo,” Goofy is mistaken for his brainy nephew Gilbert and drafted into work on a dangerous chemical compound.
  • Uncle Scrooge #354 ($6.95 prestige format book, 64 pages): Don Rosa presents “The Black Knight Glorps Again!” Scrooge’s longtime foe, French “mastair thif” Arpin Lusene, returns to take him on once more! Then, in Kari Korhonen’s “No Thanks for the Memories,” it’s Flintheart Glomgold who’s up against Scrooge when the two tycoons write tell-all exposés.
  • Vacation Parade #3 ($8.95 prestige format book, 80 pages): It’s another Gemstone giant! Carl Barks pits Donald and the boys against the terrifying sea serpent “Terror of the River!” Noel Van Horn sends Mickey and Goofy through a “Sandgate” to solve an otherworldly mystery. Then Dick Kinney and Al Hubbard take Donald and Fethry to Niagara Falls in the much-requested 1960s classic “Fall Guy.”
  • Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #669 ($6.95 prestige format book, 64 pages): A sillier look at Duckburg superheroes comes from William Van Horn, who presents Donald as the caped and cowled “Nightmuscle!” More dirty work is afoot in Donald D. Markstein’s “Coming of Quadruplex,” pitting Mickey and Sam Simian against the villainous Ecks, Doublex, Triplex, and their brain-powered supercomputer!

Disney comics from Gemstone are available from Gemstone Publishing, and

Source: Scoop: Rosa, Barks, Gottfredson & Scarpa Salute Summer

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