New park rumor: Disneyland in Spain?

Posted on April 17th 2006 in Disney parks

This weekend, the Sunday Times reported that Disney is talking with Spanish officials about building on farmland near the Spanish town of Manilva, on the Costa del Sol, a popular tourist area. Disney said it was investigating various possibilities, from a summer camp for children, to a full-scale theme park.

Other large theme parks in Spain, such as the Warner Bros Park in Madrid, and PortAventura near Barcelona, have proved quite successful. On one hand Disney executive Javier Sansierra denied the entertainment company planned a full-scale theme park like Disneyland Paris in Spain, but officials in Manilva suggested that Disney’s “eventual aim is to open a Euro Disney-type park in four or five years.”

The Walt Disney Company had originally planned to open a Disney theme park on the Costa del Sol in the late 1980s, but the company eventually decided for Paris, largely for its better communication infrastructure.

Source: Spanish resorts building up to a Costa del Disney


Apr 20, 2006
6:56 pm
#1 kevin wrote:

i was under the impression that the non US disney parks were not doing too well financially. if that is the case, would it really make sense to open up more parks?

Jun 29, 2006
6:56 pm
#2 Spain wrote:

America “owes” Spain a Disneyand i hope they build one this time around and im sure itd be more succesful than the 1 in Paris cuz Spain’s weather is better and itd be built near the ocean n cuz wat the hell lol the spanish are warm n “cool” people and deserve it. Come on Walt be a sport =p


Oct 24, 2006
11:34 am
#3 Maxine wrote:

yeah this is way cool. I live in Gibraltar just 15minutes from Manilva and I think its a great idea as the weather is so much better than in Paris. i went to DLP once in June and it was pouring down with rain!!! that never happens on the costa. I hope they do build a park

Nov 18, 2006
12:26 pm
#4 MIGUEL ANGEL wrote:

Hello to everybody, sorry for my English.
Malaga airport will take double visitors.
Malaga harvard will be bigger in the future.
The AVE’s train will be in Malaga in 2007.
The train will connect Fuengirola and Estepona even Algeciras in the future.
Gibraltar’s Airport will connect some of the Spanish cities too.
Why Disney should not take Manilva like the best place to create a Disney Park???

Aug 17, 2007
7:38 pm
#5 euro deejay wrote:

I anyone says spain shouldnt have a disneyland then they need their head testing. The costa del sol is in need of something new. People dont just want to lay on the beach any more. They want fun and excitement, they want “disneyland”. Stop messing about and just build one.

Aug 17, 2007
7:39 pm
#6 euro deejay wrote:

If anyone says spain shouldnt have a disneyland then they need their head testing. The costa del sol is in need of something new. People dont just want to lay on the beach any more. They want fun and excitement, they want “disneyland”. Stop messing about and just build one.

Aug 17, 2007
7:46 pm
#7 euro deejay wrote:

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Nov 24, 2007
8:58 pm
#8 albert j freyone wrote:

Disneyland Europe should have been here in Southern Spain and not in Paris. Andalucia and the Costa Del Sol is the Southern California of Europe, and I still dont understand why the Disney company didnt do a better study and the proper marketing vision to place Disneyland Europe in Southern Spain. Iv been to the Paris Disney and it was cold, dull, and the staff very rude. Come on Disney, get real, head for the south.

Nov 25, 2007
8:02 am
#9 Russell Porcas wrote:

I think southern spain is the perfect location for a new Disneyland a far better place than cold old paris.
I went once and we stayed 2 hours as the weather was not pleasant.

Feb 26, 2008
8:37 am
#10 Kim Stanworth wrote:

Spain needs Disney I have visited Both Disney in Florida and Paris….

I would not return to Paris weather spoiled experience.

Disney in Southern Spain would be a very popular Park…….

Go for it Disney!!!

Apr 26, 2008
9:56 am
#11 PaCMaN_1905 wrote:

I was a little surprised that Disney decided to build Disneyland in Paris over Southern Spain. Spain has the climate, population and the tourism to support such a theme park. With the major infrastructure boom that has occurred in the country over the past 10-15 years (with Moorways, High-Speed Rail) there should be no reason for Disney to overlook Spain if it were to build another park in Europe.

Feb 18, 2011
6:33 am
#12 bill. wrote:

olny 1 person with a coment saying a disney land in spain could be a bad idea .kevin. kevin is obviously an empty head. i have lived hear in south spain for many yrs and i can tell everyone,it is the perfect place. paris was a mitake,a blunder,and a cock up. and so is kevin.

Sep 30, 2011
11:27 am
#13 Pedro wrote:

ya ya i love disney world veddddy much i think iss sexddiii. mcky muse iz me grlfrd. i veddy mucho tink spain needs disny lnd i vud go der and kis all yo sexii ppll reddimg this nooooow,. yiu all sexii,. i luv yu. and i lov yo mom. i speako spanishio and i am veddy sexii

Nov 4, 2011
7:06 am
#14 Lee wrote:

My friends live by there and they say its true.
There building an international airport at the moment.
Massive building work will be happening soon. At present there is nothing there at all, just a small town.
Just what the South of Spain needs to bump up house prices and create tourism

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