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Posted on May 17th 2006 in Americas, Disney comics

Here is an overview of the Disney comics released by Gemstone Publishing in the United States in June 2006.

  • Donald Duck and Friends #341 ($2.95, 32 pages): Uncle Eider sends Donald “Farragut the Falcon,” and it’s not long before the feathers fly in Carl Barks’ famed 1944 falconry epic! Then Michael T. Gilbert and Paco Rodriguez spin an all-new tale of Duck magic and mayhem when Donald becomes a powerful, but “Careless Genie.” Finally, Goofy joins the ranks of Sea-Monkey owners in Stefan Petrucha’s “Monkey See, Monkey Do.”
  • Mickey Mouse Adventures #10 ($7.95 manga format TPB, 128 pages): Fan favorite artist Massimo Fecchi draws two new stories. Pat and Carol McGreal’s “May the Farce Be With You!” skewers Star Wars with a spage-age trek for Mickey and Donald. In John Blair Moore’s “Healthy Choice,” Donald battles with Uncle Scrooge to market a cure for the uncommon cold.
  • Mickey Mouse and Friends #290 ($2.95, 32 pages): Gemstone proudly presents the world premiere of “The Photonic Muffler,” a hitherto lost Mouse epic by Romano Scarpa! Pegleg Pete wants to sell super-powered army tanks to the highest evil bidder, and he’s making captive techie Blint Brandon build them for him. Mickey settles Pete’s hash — but good! Then great Danes Andreas Pihl and Mårdøn Smet are back in Donald Duck’s “A Shot in the Dark.”
  • Uncle Scrooge #355 ($6.95 prestige format book, 64 pages): Carl Barks sends Scrooge on vacation… and into big trouble with the terrible Beagle Boys, a cabbage-crunching dotty inventor, and “The Mysterious Stone Ray!” Daan Jippes (illustrating Barks’ “Bottled Battlers”), Kari Korhonen, and Vicar round out the book.
  • Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #670 ($6.95 prestige format book, 64 pages): Science-hater Donald must rescue an egghead from bad guys in Daan Jippes and Fred Milton’s “Rewarding Formula.” Much-requested Mouse Man Floyd Gottfredson is back with part one of Mickey’s 1941 “Love Trouble,” featuring Montmorency Rodent! Stefan Petrucha offers Gyro Gearloose in “Scream Team”; then José Carioca turns “Carnival King” in a 1942 Carl Buettner classic.

Disney comics from Gemstone are available from Gemstone Publishing, and

Source: Scoop: Rosa, Barks, Gottfredson & Scarpa Salute Summer

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