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Posted on June 15th 2006 in Americas, Disney comics

July 2006 has a lot in store from Gemstone Publishing in the United States, with this month two special trade paperbacks: the second volume of Carl Barks’ Greatest DuckTales Stories and Walt Disney Treasures: Disney Comics — 75 Years of Innovation.

  • Carl Barks’ Greatest DuckTales Stories Vol. 2 ($10.95 TPB, 144 pages): This second volume includes “Giant Robot Robbers,” “The Golden Fleecing,” “The Horseradish Story,” “The Status Seeker,” “Tralla-La” and more!
  • Donald Duck Adventures #19 ($7.95 manga format TPB, 128 pages): Fan favorites Pat and Carol McGreal answer a desperate Scrooge’s question: “Where’s the Bin Been?” Then, when Donald swallows Scrooge’s Old Number One Dime, the desperate miser must take a fantastic voyage “Inside Donald Duck.” Both stories are drawn by Flemming Andersen, another fan favorite!
  • Donald Duck and Friends #341 ($2.95, 32 pages): In Carl Barks’ “High Wire Daredevils,” Donald sets out to tightrope-walk across Niagara Falls! Then, in Vic Lockman’s and Tony Strobl’s vintage long adventure “Og’s Iron Bed,” the Ducks battle Emil Eagle and ancient warriors during a nerve-wracking trip back in time!

    Mickey Mouse and Friends #291 ($2.95, 32 pages): Crooked lawyer Sylvester Shyster wants to steal a diamond mirror worth millions, and Mickey’s the only guy who can stop him! Unfortunately, Mickey’s mind has been scrambled by a hypnotic staff that’s also in Shyster’s possession. It’s “Flip Mickey,” a new long adventure by Stefan Petrucha and Noel Van Horn! Then, in “The Old Switcheroo,” by Pat and Carol McGreal, Mickey trades brains with the Phantom Blot!

    Uncle Scrooge #356 ($6.95 prestige format book, 64 pages): Scrooge and Donald pursue the McDuck millions underwater in Carl Barks’ “Hall of the Mermaid Queen.” Then, in a new-to-America Tony Strobl tale, Gyro Gearloose launches a “Space Food Folly” in his attempts to invent rations for astronauts.

  • Walt Disney Treasures: Disney Comics — 75 Years of Innovation ($12.99 TPB, 160 pages): If you like the DVD limited series, you’ll love this trade paperback tie-in: a 160-page tribute to milestones in Disney history! We’ve got Mice by Floyd Gottfredson (“Mickey Mouse Music”) and Romano Scarpa (“AKA Cormorant Number Twelve”); Ducks by Al Taliaferro (the uncut “Donald’s Nephews”), Carl Barks (“Race to the South Seas”) and Don Rosa! Also included are Paul Murry’s Brer Rabbit and Renato Canini’s Jose Carioca; Dutch “Donaldism” by Daan Jippes and Mau Heymans; Egmont creators Vicar, Daniel Branca, Byron Erickson, Cesar Ferioli and more!
  • Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #671 ($6.95 prestige format book, 64 pages): In “Zenith,” Donald and cat-faced felon Woimly Filcher struggle to beat one another to the top of a mountain. Next, in part two of Floyd Gottfredson’s classic “Love Trouble,” the rivalry between Mickey and Monty takes a new twist with the arrival of a new flame for Mickey: Millicent Van Gilt-Mouse! Finally, Donald and Scrooge reach their “Final Refuel” in the exciting climax of our Formula One mini-series.

Disney comics from Gemstone are available from Gemstone Publishing, and

Source: Scoop: Rosa, Barks, Gottfredson & Scarpa Salute Summer

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