Don Rosa’s Black Knight returns to Gemstone’s Uncle Scrooge

Posted on June 6th 2006 in Americas, Disney comics

Uncle Scrooge is proud to be the world’s richest duck, but the title comes with certain… disadvantages. Like sorceress Magica De Spell, who needs that richest man’s first coin for a magic amulet. Or Flintheart Glomgold, the rival tycoon who’s after his title. And then there’s Arpin Lusene, returning this week in the United States in The Black Knight Glorps Again! in Gemstone’s Uncle Scrooge #354.

Arpine Lusène, nicknamed Le Chevalier Noir, or the Black Knight, is a notorious French thief whose life’s goal it is not to steal Scrooge McDuck’s money to own it, but simply destroy it or make make it disappear so that people think he stole it.

This is Don Rosa’s third story with Lusène. He first appeared in the 1997 story The Black Knight, in which the French thief comes across a suit of knight’s armor with the property to destroy everything it comes in contact with. In other words, not someone you would want to walk into your money bin.

Source: Scoop: Don Rosa’s Black Knight Glorps Again!


Jun 11, 2006
11:54 am
#1 Aaron Marshall wrote:


I am trying to find the comic where Uncle Scrooge produces gold within plants. I friend told me that he used sunflowers once and maybe also made gold dust from pollen. Does anyone know when and where these comics were published etc



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