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Posted on July 15th 2006 in Americas, Disney comics

Here is a line-up of the issues published by Gemstone Publishing in the United States in August 2006, with a special trade paperback this month: The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion.

  • Donald Duck and Friends #342 ($2.95, 32 pages): In Carl Barks’ 1944 classic “Ten Cents Worth of Trouble,” Donald accidentally spends the rarest coin in his collection as if it were a common dime. Then, in a long adventure by Pat and Carol McGreal, Donald becomes “The Duke of Dipp” — only to face royal scandal and a forced marriage!

    Mickey Mouse and Friends #292 ($2.95, 32 pages): It’s a thrilling booklength story by Romano Scarpa! Eega Beeva, Mickey’s pal from the future, visits Mouseton to warn him of “The Incredible Black Comet!” But even armed with the knowledge that a comet will strike the Earth, what can Mickey possibly do to stop it? And how might Goofy — alias “Missile Commander X-2” — make a bad situation worse?

    Mickey Mouse Adventures #11 ($7.95 manga format TPB, 128 pages): Presenting Romano Scarpa’s 72-page epic sequel to Floyd Gottfredson’s “Sky Island!” When fiendish Pegleg Pete threatens Mouseton with a poison hailstorm, Mickey and old pal Dr. Einmug can only fight him by entering “The Delta Dimension!” Next, Mickey outwits Dr. Triplex and the Phantom Blot in Don Markstein’s “Quadruple Threat.” Finally, in Stefan Petrucha’s “Back in the Box,” Donald must keep Gyro Gearloose’s secret weapon out of a crime syndicate’s clutches.

    Uncle Scrooge #357 ($6.95 prestige format book, 64 pages): In Don Rosa’s legendary “Return to Xanadu,” Scrooge learns that Kubla Khan’s mystic valley is the same place as Tralla La… the remote Asian paradise he visited long ago. But how to return in search of treasure when he’s vilified there as a menace? “Goodbye to All That,” a Magica De Spell adventure by Kari Korhonen, leads off our backup features.

    Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #672 ($6.95 prestige format book, 64 pages): In Daan Jippes’ “Deep Un-Pact,” Donald and Neighbor Jones get in a literally explosive feud. Floyd Gottfredson’s classic Mickey “Love Trouble” concludes, and “Reverting Raptors” teams fan favorites Pat and Carol McGreal and Noel Van Horn for a return visit to Buck Calhoun’s dinosaur ranch!

  • The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion ($16.99 prestige format book, 208 pages). This much-anticipated collection of Don Rosa’s prequels, sequels, and in-betweenquels to his celebrated Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck series promises to be the hit of the season. It features Rosa commentary of course, as well as his latest edition to the mythos, “Prisoner of White Agony Creek,” printed in English for the first time! Join Gemstone at the Baltimore Comic Con September 8-10, where Rosa will be signing copies of the book.

Disney comics from Gemstone are available from Gemstone Publishing, and

Source: Scoop: Rosa, Barks, Gottfredson & Scarpa Salute Summer

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