Gemstone’s hair-raising October Halloween line-up

Posted on September 30th 2006 in Americas, Disney comics

Gemstone HalloweenGemstone Publishing goes all out this Halloween with lots of scary stories in their Disney comic books, featuring Daan Jippes’ refitted version of “Pawns of the Loup Garou” in Donald Duck and Friends, “House of Haunts”, a feature-length Carl Barks spook story in Uncle Scrooge, and much more!

The following information is from Scoop:

The thrills and chills begin with our $2.95, 32-page regular size comics. Donald Duck and Friends #344 will have you howling with “Pawns of the Loup Garou,” a long adventure written by Carl Barks! When Donald and Uncle Scrooge fly a golden werewolf statue to the frozen North, they find themselves up against the genuine article: the “wolf who acts like a man” and causes the toughest miners’ hair to stand on end! Originally drawn in a fine, but not Barksian style by Tony Strobl, “Loup Garou” is now refitted with Barksian characters and layout by modern Duck master Daan Jippes. You’ll ooh and ahh at this wolf tale, readers. You might even huff and puff!

Next in our Halloween rogues’ gallery is Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories 673. In William Van Horn’s classic lead story “Kid Stuff,” it’s Donald’s nighttime job to paint a haunted house. “Boo to You Too,” a Scamp story by Al Hubbard, mixes Lady and the Tramp characters with spooky thrills and spills. “The Broom Boom” finds the Three Little Pigs outsmarting a witch, while in Janet Gilbert’s “Hotel Transylvania,” Donald and the kids wait on ghosts and ghouls. Finally, the first two chapters of Pat and Carol McGreal’s “The Orb Saga” get Donald and Mickey away from spooks… only to involve them with magic spheres, the Phantom Blot, and a three-hundred-year-old curse. It’s a new serial beginning this month, and we dare you to miss a chapter!

Next it’s off to Mouseton with Mickey Mouse and Friends #293 — and a lead story by fan favorites Byron Erickson and Cesar Ferioli! When Horace Horsecollar accidentally blasts Mickey and Doc Static with the inventor’s new “dematerializer,” they wind up in an “Immaterial World” …or in layman’s terms, Mickey and Doc effectively become ghosts! Can our heroes haunt Horace into returning them to reality? Then stay tuned for our backup saga, “Brat Trick” by Stefan Petrucha and Jesper Madsen. Mickey and Goofy get to babysit Bradley Schreck, bad-seed son of a magician who’s just waiting to unleash some evil spells on grown-ups!

Next up on the Hallows’ Eve roster are Gemstone’s $6.95, 64-page comics trade paperbacks. Uncle Scrooge 358 opens with “House of Haunts,” a feature-length Carl Barks spook story! When Scrooge hides his money from the Beagle Boys in a colonal-era castle, he ends up menaced by the ancient traps of a legendary mad duke! Next, a ghostly dinosaur returns to life in the Junior Woodchucks’ “Let Sleeping Bones Lie,” by Carl Barks and Daan Jippes. Killer bees tell a scary tale in “Hive Been Better”; then Fethry Duck meets wicked Blaire Witch in “Dance of the Cuckoos.” Finally Stefan and Unn Printz-Påhlson introduce a scary interstellar foe just in time for the monsters’ ball: Tachyon Farflung, “The Terror of Outer Space!”

Gemstone is your source for new and vintage Disney greats. Order our titles online at,, and Find them at Rite Aid or your local comics shop. And if you can’t find a comic shop, call Diamond Comics’ Comic Shop Locator Service at 1-888-COMIC-BOOK. Witches, werewolves, and ghosts are waiting for you!

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