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Gemstone to suspend four of its six monthly titles

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Due to raising paper prices, Gemstone Publishing in the United States has indefinitely suspended its four monthly titles Mickey Mouse and Friends, Donald Duck and Friends, Mickey Mouse Adventures and Donald Duck Adventures. Should paper prices fall, or better marketing opportunities present themselves, the Baltimore-based publisher might return some of the suspended series. More »

October 22nd 2006 | 7:35 pm CET | 4 Comments »

Winnie the Pooh turns 80 today

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The first book of Winnie the Pooh, by writer Alan Alexander Milne, came out in England on 14 October 1926, which makes the bear 80-years-old today. Winnie the Pooh soon became popular with children and adults alike, and when Walt Disney acquired the rights to the Pooh universe in 1961, the adventures of the chubby little bear were captured forever on film. More »

October 14th 2006 | 3:13 am CET | No Comments »

Buy Disney Comics and Booksexternal link

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DCW now has an affiliate Amazon store where you can browse and buy Disney comics and books. The store lists all the U.S. comics from Gemstone Publishing, like Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories and Donald Duck Adventures, as well as other titles like W.i.t.c.h. and Kim Possible. Amazon also has several Disney magazine subscriptions available, such as Disney Adventures, weekly German Micky Maus magazine and Anders And & Co from Denmark. More »

October 8th 2006 | 9:36 pm CET | 1 Comment »

A sneak preview at Wizards of Mickey

Posted by Arthur in Disney comics, Europe

Here are a few high-resolution scans of this week’s premiere of Wizards of Mickey in Italy’s weekly Topolino magazine. More »

October 6th 2006 | 12:59 pm CET | No Comments »

Wizards of Mickey starting in Italy this week

Posted by Arthur in Disney comics

This week Italy sees the launch of a new 10-part series in weekly Topolino magazine; Wizards of Mickey stars Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck in a new world of wizards, castles and bewitched lands. The story was created by Claretta Muci and Stefano Ambrosio and features beautiful colors by Roberto Santillo and Marco Ghiglione. The official website has a great video to support the launch of the new series. More »

October 1st 2006 | 9:56 pm CET | 1 Comment »
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