Mickey Mouse joins the Foreign Legion!

Posted on December 11th 2006 in Americas, Disney comics

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #675From Scoop*: It’s here at last! Years ago, 1980s Disney licensee Gladstone Publishing planned to publish “Mickey Mouse Joins the Foreign Legion,” a legendary serial by 2006 Eisner Hall of Fame inductee Floyd Gottfredson. The story was shelved at that time, but this month Gemstone serves it up for us at last — and Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #675 (buy it here for $6.95) is its home. Join two-fisted Mickey for a harrowing induction into the Secret Service… and a battle for secret plans with a sinister spy!

Gemstone will be presenting this classic in four chilling chapters — and next month it gets the cover! Of course, that’s not to slight this month’s cover or the other goodies inside! Pogo’s Walt Kelly is responsible for the former, with the first-ever reprint of a rare 1944 piece. And the latter get going with “Snow Job,” a delightful William Van Horn Donald Duck tale. Donald and noisy Neighbor Jones each blame the other for a series of mysterious snowball assaults around the city. Will they get to the heart of the matter… or strangle one another first?

Next, Pat and Carol McGreal’s ongoing “Orb Saga” serial shifts into high gear with Gyro Gearloose’s “War of the Wizards” and the Phantom Blot’s “’Tis the Season To Be Wicked!” Turns out the strange, hovering orbs that Donald and the gang have spent several months coveting are really the means by which Meringue the Malevolent, a 300-year-old wizard, plans to conquer the globe!

Rounding things out is the start of another much-demanded serial: Mickey Mouse in “The Protector of Shambor!” Longtime readers of Donald Duck and Friends will recall Mickey’s adventures in an extra-dimensional medieval kingdom… and how they finished, for the time being, with Mickey’s allies under thrall to a wicked Grand Vizier. Now, at last, Mickey is called to return to Shambor’s shores and set things aright. But… can he?

Chaperoning WDC&S #675 to your favorite comic shop is another 64-page Gemstone trade paperback: Uncle Scrooge #360 (buy it here for $6.95)! This Christmas issue opens-most appropriately-with “Being Good For Goodness’ Sake,” a Romano Scarpa saga making its North American debut! When Duckburg sponsors a contest to find the most generous citizen at Christmastime, you wouldn’t expect Scrooge to win… but with a fat enough prize purse, anything’s possible! Soon miserly McDuck is competing with Donald to do the most expensive good turn for his fellow men. And things get even weirder with the Beagle Boys involved…

Next up is Gyro Gearloose in Carl Barks’ classic “Snow Duster.” When Gyro is hired to clean snow off a football stadium at Christmastime, the job calls for his experimental snow-dissolving dust. But flying low over the stadium, Gyro’s plane takes a crackup. Down for the count, how can the mighty inventor do his job? Maybe it’ll take a certain special invention to help him!

“Operation Vesuvius,” by Stefan and Unn Printz-Påhlson and Daniel Branca, finds Scrooge and Donald traveling to Italy at Christmastime — because there’s no better time than yuletide to clobber a holiday-wrecking sorceress! McDuck arch-enemy Magica De Spell has been captured back home in Duckburg, so Scrooge and the gang plan to demolish her hut on Mount Vesuvius and neutralize her permanently. Of course, it’s never that easy…

Rounding things out is another Printz-Påhlson tale, this time with art by Chilean duck man Victor Arriagada Rios (Vicar). It’s “The Return of the Terror” — the Terror of Outer Space, that is, for those who recall the devious Tachyon Farflung from Uncle Scrooge #358! This month “Tacky” has a futuristic pied piper flute that can actually make Scrooge’s money follow him! Will the vengeful space monkey capture the loose change?

Gemstone’s comics are for sale from Amazon.com in the DCW Store.

* – This article was featured in the 8 December issue of Scoop.

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