Walt Disney Company Italy previews new comic series: Speed Loop

Posted on December 1st 2006 in Disney comics, Europe, New Titles

Speed LoopAt the Lucca 2006 Comics and Games fair in November, the Walt Disney Company Italy presented the first issue (‘Episodio Zero’) of a new comic book for boys. The new series is much more a cross between a manga-style comic and a video game, than your usual classic Disney comic. The exciting story is told like a true novel, interpreted in the form of a comic strip with an original graphic style.

The 95-page prestige-format first issue (price: € 6.90) of Speed Loop has 65 pages of comics, and the other pages are filled to explain the history of the characters accompanied by the beautiful sketches of the artist Claudio Sciarrone, who has been making Disney comic stories for years, including several stories in the popular PK Paperinik series.

Speed Loop

Speed Loop is about three kids: Reno is the intelligent one, Gilliam is rich, and PJ is a bit aggressive and creative. The three discover that within their school, there is another school, where the truth is twisted into a game Speed Loop, which is in fact a lethal video game. Who enters the game has only two options: proceed to the next level, or die. Nobody knows who created the game, and why and when it was created. This is what Reno, PJ and Gilliam will try to find out.

Speed Loop may be what the Walt Disney Company Italy is hoping will follow in the foodsteps of the hugely popular series W.i.t.c.h., which is published in dozens of countries around the world.


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