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Magical photography by Annie Leibovitz kicks off Disney’s ‘Year of a Million Dreams’

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To launch the Disney Parks’ “Year of a Million Dreams” celebration, spectacular new images were unveiled yesterday featuring the work of acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz, and starring Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella, Beyoncé taking a spin in a giant teacup and David Beckham slaying a dragon. Disney has commissioned more images by Leibovitz that will feature other celebrities in classic, Disney fairy tale settings.

David Beckham slaying a dragon
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Classic Disney cartoons back on the big screen?

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John LasseterIn an interview with Daily Variety, John Lasseter, chief creative officer at Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Feature Animation, has said that the studio is dedicated to creating more original short films, but would also like to release classic Disney cartoons as preludes to animated features shown in theaters. Lasseter hasn’t said which titles he’d like to see back up on the big screen, but the sentiment is in keeping with his reported desire to bring Disney back to it roots and thrust 2D back into the spotlight. More »

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Celebrating 60 years of Scrooge McDuck with 12 posters by Don Rosa

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Don Rosa's February Uncle Scrooge poster, thumbnailThis year is Uncle Scrooge’s 60th anniversary (he first appeared in 1947’s comic story ‘Christmas on Bear Mountain’ by Carl Barks), and for this occasion American Disney comic artist Don Rosa is creating twelve beautiful posters for the Egmont company in Denmark. Egmont publishes Disney comics and magazines in many countries around the world, and the posters will be featured in their magazines. In Germany the first one has come out in the January issue of Donald Duck Sonderheft. More »

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Disney studios get twenty Oscar nominations

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CarsDisney/Pixar’s Cars was nominated for two oscars today, in the categories best animated feature film and original song for Randy Newman’s “Our Town”. Two of Disney’s animated shorts were also nominated: Pixar’s ‘Lifted’ and Roger Allers’ The Little Matchgirl (view on YouTube). More »

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The incredible INDUCKS database

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If you’re a fan of Disney comics you must know about the INDUCKS project, a worldwide database aiming to index all Disney comics ever printed in the world. Since 1994, dozens of fans around the world have been recording information about the thousands of original Disney comic stories that appear in comics, magazines and newspapers around the world, such as who wrote it, who drew it, which characters appear in it. You can search through the (figures of today) 118,291 stories and 66,911 issues at More »

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Mickey Mouse and Blotman in Blotman Returns

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By popular demand, fan favorite writers Pat and Carol McGreal reteam with artist Joaquin Sanchez for another alternate universe Disney adventure! Once again Mickey Mouse battles alongside Blotman – the otherworldly superhero equivalent of Mouseton’s evil Phantom Blot! Goofy, too, gets wrapped up in things when his own otherworldly double, billionaire Goofus D. Dawg, is imperiled by the evil Doctor Stat! Mickey Mouse and Blotman: Blotman Returns from Gemstone Publishing is available for $5.99.

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New to launch this month

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A new version of the official website will be launched later this month. The broadband centerpiece, called Disney XD, will feature both free and premium Disney video and games. Users will be able to share videos, chat with friends in a social networking environment, listen to music, create playlists and play games.

The new
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Duck Out, new soccer magazine in the Netherlands

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Duck OutDuck Out, een vrolijk voetbalblad (‘a happy soccer magazine’), was launched in the Netherlands this week. The 52-page magazine features comic stories and editorials about soccer, such as games, player profiles, posters and contests. The first issue, which sells for €2.99, has 32 pages of comics. More »

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New ‘articulated faces’ debut at Walt Disney World

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New character heads with blinking eyes and movable mouths have debuted at the “Dream Along with Mickey” show at the Magic Kingdom Castle this week. The eyes and mouth are moved by the puppeteer’s hand motions, which control the mechanics inside the rubber head. Check out this video of the new Mickey, Daisy, Goofy and Donald in action. More »

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Happy 70th birthday to Daisy

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9 January 1937 saw the premiere of Don Donald, Donald Duck’s first headliner cartoon and introducing Donna Duck for the first time as Donald’s girlfriend. Donna Duck served as a precursor for Daisy in both animation and comics. On paper, she first appeared in a one-page illustration titled “Don Donald” and published in Good Housekeeping #3701 (January, 1937). More »

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