Celebrating 60 years of Scrooge McDuck with 12 posters by Don Rosa

Posted on January 24th 2007 in Artists, Events

Don Rosa's February Uncle Scrooge poster, thumbnailThis year is Uncle Scrooge’s 60th anniversary (he first appeared in 1947’s comic story ‘Christmas on Bear Mountain’ by Carl Barks), and for this occasion American Disney comic artist Don Rosa is creating twelve beautiful posters for the Egmont company in Denmark. Egmont publishes Disney comics and magazines in many countries around the world, and the posters will be featured in their magazines. In Germany the first one has come out in the January issue of Donald Duck Sonderheft.

Don Rosa commented: “The project I am now doing is 12 posters for Egmont (showing 12 topics to illustrate the “$crooge McDuck mythos”) celebrating the 60th anniversary of $crooge in 2007. This is to be a [monthly published] series about [Uncle Scrooge’s] entire 60 year history. There have been hundreds of different writers & artists in all that time, so the only way I can handle it is to concentrate on memorable Barks stories. They are some of the BEST things I’ve ever done! Naturally they excite me because they are all such tributes to all my favorite Barks stories, and definitely the most complex full-page drawings I’ve ever done.”

The first two posters are already available on DuckMania.de, and the others will be published on this page throughout the year.

Here’s February’s poster, provided by DuckMania.de:

Don Rosa's February Uncle Scrooge poster


Jan 26, 2007
8:49 pm
#1 Martin Andrew wrote:

How could I get two or three copies of these posters. I am in Brisbane Australia and one would be for a friend in the US. Do you know the cost yet?

Feb 5, 2009
3:06 am
#2 Brent Rigby wrote:

I would be interested in obtaing a set of the Uncle Scrooge posters. Can you provide me with some of the details (size, cost, etc.).

Feb 5, 2009
3:21 am
#3 Arthur wrote:

@Brent: These posters were released by Egmont in Europe and I’m not sure if it’s possible to still order them. You can download digital copies of the posters here and you could try to contact the owner of this website for more information.

Dec 5, 2010
4:27 pm
#4 Karen Ekdahl wrote:

I should like to by a Don Rosa Poster – like the one you show here for february.
What shall I do?

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