Walt Disney’s Comics #677 celebrates 75 years of Bucky Bug

Posted on February 2nd 2007 in Americas, Disney comics

This week’s Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #677 celebrates Bucky Bug’s 75th birthday, with a collection of new and classic adventures featuring this famous bug, who first appeared in a Silly Symphony Sunday Strip on 10 January 1932. From there it was on to decades of original comic stories produced around the world, most of them told in verse.

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Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #677 features:

  • “Bucky’s Birthday Party”, an all-new tale by Noel Van Horn and longtime Bucky pundit Donald D. Markstein. When all Junkville gathers to toast our beetlebrowed hero, an old nemesis from a rival insect kingdom plots revenge!
  • “The Old Folks’ New Home”, a 1933 strip continuity by Ted Osborne and Al Taliaferro. Bucky’s vacation at the family farm gets interrupted when Squire Cawker throws them out of their house! You’ll see how Bucky makes ends meet in classic Depression-era style — then you’ll read about the origin of this and other vintage Bucky adventures in a special two-page editorial feature.

Read more about this issue of Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories in this week’s issue of Scoop.

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