Long lost Marco Rota story published in Uncle Scrooge this month

Posted on March 13th 2007 in Americas, Disney comics

This month Gemstone’s Uncle Scrooge #363 (buy for $7.50) features a long lost Italian story from 1983: Marco Rota’s Paperino e la notte del saraceno (“Night of the Saracen”). The 35-page story’s photostats, necessary to print the story at high-quality, had apparently been lost for a decade, so that by the time it could be printed in an American comic, printing material could not be found. Now, the art has been recovered and the story is available in its full splendor.

From this week’s issue of Scoop:

…we bring you to far-off Dussefabad, where a wise fakir discovers an awesome, ancient sword… only to most strangely bury it again! Etched with a mystic inscription, the sword promised the old mage a treasure hunt — and a deadly threat not worth the risk! But the fakir’s ex-landlord, Scrooge McDuck, isn’t so easily dissuaded. And now the sword’s trail leads Scrooge and his nephews to Genoa, Italy… and to a storm-ravaged cliffside… and then through a time warp to the era of the sword’s creation! T’was a dark and stormy night in the ancient Meditteranean — a “night of miracles,” when the Ducks’ pirate ancestor Don Al-Din crossed swords with his own crew for possession of an awesome discovery. Can Scrooge, Donald, and the boys find out what Don Al-Din won? Or will a giant tidal wave leave them sleeping with the fishes first? Thrill to the legend… the excitement… the long-lost work of art that is Marco Rota’s “Night of the Saracen!”

Page of Marco Rota's Night of the Saracen


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