New books with Barks and Rosa-paired stories coming this spring

Posted on March 18th 2007 in Americas, Disney comics, New Titles

This year Gemstone Publishing will start a new series of trade paperbarks that will pair Carl Barks’ classic Scrooge adventures with Don Rosa’s modern-day sequels! The first Uncle Scrooge Adventures book in the series will come out on June 25th (pre-order here) and will feature Barks’ 1957 story “Land of the Pygmy Indians” and its 1991 follow-up “War of the Wendigo” by Don Rosa.

Panel from Rosa's War of the Wendigo

When Scrooge grows sick of the big city’s rumble, his back-to-nature journey takes him to a pueblo untouched by modern times. There he meets the Peeweegah, Native Americans whose traditions haven’t changed in a thousand years… and whom he must defend from modernity’s encroaching grasp!

Later on, look for a Donald Duck adventures special which will pair up Barks’ “Atom Bomb” and “Super Snooper” with Rosa’s “Duck Who Fell to Earth and “Super Snooper Strikes Again”. In a later issue “Return to Plain Awful” and “Return to Xanadu” will appear in the series as well, but Gemstone will leave that one for last as Don Rosa’s “Return to Plain Awful” was just printed in Uncle Scrooge #362 (buy here for $7.50) in February.


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