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Long lost Marco Rota story published in Uncle Scrooge this month

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This month Gemstone’s Uncle Scrooge #363 (buy for $7.50) features a long lost Italian story from 1983: Marco Rota’s Paperino e la notte del saraceno (“Night of the Saracen”). The 35-page story’s photostats, necessary to print the story at high-quality, had apparently been lost for a decade, so that by the time it could be printed in an American comic, printing material could not be found. Now, the art has been recovered and the story is available in its full splendor. More »

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Editora Abril celebrates 500th issue of Tio Patinhas

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This month marks the anniversary of Brazilian monthly magazine Tio Patinhas (‘Uncle Scrooge’), as publisher Editora Abril publishes the popular series’ 500th issue. The commemorative issue of Tio Patinhas will feature stories by several classic Disney masters, including Carl Barks, Tony Strobl, Marco Rota, William van Horn and Don Rosa.

Tio Patinhas issue 500
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