Scrooge’s Number One Dime Cookie

Posted on March 25th 2007 in Disney comics, Disney products

When shopping at a Real,- supermarket in Germany yesterday, I came across a display of Disney food products, by ‘Disney Magic’. There were many different items (pasta, juice, popcorn, etc.), but the most interesting one for me as a fan of Disney comics was “Dagobert’s 1. Taler”, or “Scrooge’s First Taler” (Taler is the fake currency used in German Disney comics). They are cookies in the shape of coins with a big one on them. Disney comics are very popular in Germany — today nearly one million fans in Germany read Micky Maus every week, and a recent study has shown that approximately one-fifth of parents also enjoy reading along.

A pack of 12 Taler cost € 0.99. That’s a pretty good exchange if you ask me.

Scrooge McDuck cookies

The cookies are very tasty, by the way. 😉

I just had a look at the Real,- website, and found there are quite a lot of Disney Magic food products, including Donald’s Fish Snacks, Disney Tomato Splash Ketchup, Grillmeister Donald Bratwursts and Beagle Boys Hot Dogs!! The name for this last product is Panzer Knacker, which is pretty funny because the Beagle Boys are named Panzerknacker in German (“steel breakers”), and in German a Knacker is also a type of sausage.

Panzer Knacker Grillmeister Donald
Donald's Fish Snacks Goofy's Tomato Splash Ketchup

Scrooge McDuck cookies

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