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The Karikaturmuseum in Krems, Austria has an exhibition titled “Donald Duck … and the duck became human, The Drawings and Poetic Works of Carl Barks”. The exposition is from 25 March to 4 November 2007 and has more than 400 original works of art, including 290 from the collection of Gottfried Helnwein.

Donald Duck ... and the duck became human, The Drawings and Poetic Works of Carl Barks

Official press release:

After the fifth anniversary and the 500 000th visitor, the Museum of Caricature Krems lays the emphasis of the year 2007 on Donald Duck. With a comprehensive exhibition the Musuem of Caricature values Carl Barks, the “father” of the Ducks and inventor of Duckburg.

Carl Barks ranks among the most important american artists of the 20th century. Being one of the most important illustrators at Walt Disney, he turned Donald Duck into one of the most popular characters of all times and created with his unique style and his
inventive stories the singular cosmos of Duckburg. He invented Uncle Scrooge, the Beagle Boys, Gladstone Gander, Gyro Gearloose and other essential protagonists of Duckburg. His artistic works influenced enduringly many prominent artists.

The Museum of Caricature dedicates an enfolding exhibit to the drawings and poetic works of Carl Barks. The approximately 250 presented works are loans from international private collections and contain amongst others very seldom amd precious original comic scripts, preliminary drafts, private letters, manuscripts, texts as well as the workkbench of Carl Barks. Furthermore rare publications, first editions of comics, early Donaldsculptures, oddities and works of other important Disney-drawers are exhibited. The work of Erika Fuchs, the ingenious german translator of Carl Barks stories, is also documented within the exhibition.
One emphasis of the exhibition lays on the history of the impact of Carl Barks’ works and his significant influence on numerous artists. Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Robert Crumb, Manfred Deix, Gottfried Helnwein, Steven Spielberg as well as George Lucas have always underlined their admiration for Barks.

Carl Barks (1901 – 2000) started to work in the Disney studios in 1935, initially as a drawer of little scenes and story-producer for animated cartoons; in 1943 he started drawing and writing comics and created an impressive oeuvre. Only in his late years Carl
Barks has been spotted and celebrated in the public for being the creator of Duckburg. „Donald Duck …and the duck became human – The Drawings and Poetic Works of Carl Barks“ has been exclusively composed for the Museum of Caricature Krems and shows the works of Carl Barks for the first time in Austria.

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