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Posted on November 19th 2007 in Americas, Disney comics

This month Gemstone Publishing in the United States is releasing the second issue in their Walt Disney Treasures series. Uncle Scrooge: A Little Something Special, a 160-page trade paperback, celebrating Scrooge McDuck’s 60th anniversary in style.

Walt Disney Treasures: Uncle Scrooge

Inside you’ll find:

  • Carl Barks’ “Seven Cities of Cibola,” Scrooge’s richest treasure hunt!
  • “Getting That Healthy, Wealthy Feeling,” by Carl Fallberg and Tony Strobl — the origin story of Scrooge’s Number One Dime, uncut for the first time in North America!
  • Thrilling tightwad tales by Marco Rota (“The Money Ocean”), William Van Horn (“Windfall on Mt.G’zoontight”) and Romano Scarpa (“Witness Persecution”)!
  • Don Rosa’s feature-length anniversary epic “A Little Something Special”… what else could this book be named after?
  • Stick with us for more news about this ultra-Scrooge bonanza, including the debut of some never-before-published Carl Barks art. Scoop will give you another scoop — at publication time!

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