Gemstone’s Disney comics back on track

Posted on January 13th 2008 in Americas

After a few delays at Gemstone Publishing, Disney comics are back on track in the United States with several new releases scheduled for this month. To be shipped in January 2008 are Disney’s Ducktales by Marv Wolfman: Scrooge’s Quest, Uncle Scrooge #371, Uncle Scrooge #372 and Walt Disney Treasures Vol. 2: Uncle Scrooge — A Little Something Special. For details on what you can find in these new issues see Scoop.


Jan 14, 2008
1:32 am
#1 Roger North wrote:

I wish they would have the latest issues of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories on there too.

Jan 14, 2008
4:52 pm
#2 Travis Seitler wrote:

Here’s the shipping schedule as I received it:

Jan. 9
• DuckTales 3

Jan. 16
• US 371
• WDC 686

Jan. 30
• Treasures 2
• US 372
• WDC 687

Feb. 13
• Barks/Rosa 2
• US 373
• WDC 688

Feb. 27
• US 374
• WDC 689

March 5
• US 375
• WDC 690

March 19
• Spring Fever 2
• US 376
• WDC 691

Then Gemstone is back to their normal schedule with Uncle Scrooge #377 and Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #692. 🙂

Feb 2, 2008
2:41 am
#3 Anastasios wrote:

I was getting worried that this was an ominous sign, canceling titles, shipping delays…hope this was just a hiccup.

Feb 6, 2008
10:15 pm
#4 Roger North wrote:

They were just on hiatus for a while but they’re back now.

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