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Future of US Disney Comics in Jeopardy

Posted by Arthur in Publishers, United States

Bad news from Gemstone Publishing, the publisher of Disney comics in the United States and the only publisher in the world that still publishes English-language Disney comics that are easily available. The economic recession has hit the Baltimore-based publisher hard as it is being sued for unpaid bills. Creditors Trade Association is suing Gemstone, Diamond and owner Steve Geppi for $373,000 on behalf of Global Interprint, which is the print broker for many of Gemstone’s deluxe editions such as the EC Archives. Gemstone owes the large sum for printing bills that were run up between December 2007 and September 2008.

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2008 Finnish Interview with Don Rosa

Posted by Arthur in Don Rosa

Check out this interview with Don Rosa from Finnish TV station MTV3. He talks about his interest in writing rather than drawing, making his first Uncle Scrooge story for Gladstone in 1986, his unique detailed drawing style and the Quest for Kalevala. At the end of part 2 Don talks about his bad eye sight and a detached retina that he suffered in March 2008 that prevents him from doing any more detailed drawing. He’ll be able to continue to write articles about his stories for Don Rosa collections, but unfortunately will probably not be able to make any more new duck stories. More »

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Special Issue of Finnish Disney Comics Fanzine

Posted by Arthur in Finland, Magazines

National Donaldistic MagazineAnkkalinnan Pamaus, a Finnish fanzine about Disney comics, has published an English version of their magazine this month to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The February 2009 issue, titled National Donaldistic Magazine on a cover that looks like an issue of National Geographic Magazine, features 36 pages of information on Disney comics in Finland and various Disney comics authors. There are articles on the Italian artist Romano Scarpo, Li’l Bad Wolf-artist Gil Turner, Disney comics legend Carl Barks and more.

The special issue can be ordered online and costs only $6.90 to the USA or €5.35 to Europe including shipping. This is a unique chance for people outside Finland to read about Disney comics in another country. I’m looking forward to receive my copy.

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