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Statement from Steve Geppi about Future of Gemstone’s Disney comics

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Two days ago I posted that Gemstone ended it’s Disney license, but it looks like no final decision regarding Gemstone’s Disney comics has been reached after all. The following statement from Steve Geppi, President of Gemstone, was posted in their Scoop newsletter yesterday:

“In the past few days, there have been a number of rumors circulating about Gemstone Publishing. As has been the case with many businesses across a wide array of industries, there has been a reduction in staff at Gemstone, and this included the departure of many valued employees. This, however, is not the end of Gemstone Publishing.”

“Our flagship title, The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, remains a vital tool for comic book collectors throughout North America and around the world and it continues to be a highly profitable item for the retailers who carry it. I look forward to making announcements regarding new developments for the Guide’s 40th anniversary next year.”

“At this time, no final decision has been made regarding The EC Archives or our comic books featuring Disney’s standard characters, but it seems certain that both lines will continue in some form. We all anticipate resolving the issues facing us and moving forward, and I will be happy to announce the specifics once things have been finalized.”

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Gemstone Ends Disney License

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It looks like Gemstone Publishing will no longer be making any new Disney comics in the United States. The news comes after it was revealed last month that owner Steve Geppi is facing financial problems. Gary Leach, who has been doing art and editorial work for US Disney comics for over two decades, reported on the DCML yesterday that “Gemstone is not renewing the Disney comics license, and won’t be putting out any more issues”. This sad news means the end of Disney comics in the United States, at least those with classic Disney characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Gary added that “Disney is looking for someone else to take the license” and he believes that they do have some candidates, although nothing is nailed down at this point.

Desperate Donald, by Carl Barks

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Daily Disney Strips at D23

Posted by Arthur in Disney comics

D23, Disney’s new community for fans, has daily comic strips with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Scamp on their website.
Head on over to to view today’s comics. It would be great if they could add an archive and RSS feed, but this is a good start.

Comics at D23

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Danish Anders And & Co Turns Sixty

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Denmark’s Donald Duck weekly Anders And & Co, which was launched in March 1948, turns 60-years-old this month! The popular magazine celebrated its anniversary with a golden cover of the 9th issue and a special competition.

Anders And Issue 9 of 2009

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Rare Don Rosa Speedskating Story

Posted by Arthur in Don Rosa

Speedskating World 8In 1998, Disney comic book writer and illustrator Don Rosa drew a story about speedskating for Dutch (but English-language) magazine Speedskating World. The story is titled The Annual Speedskating Race of the Burg of Ducks and was written by Norwegian professor of mathematical statistics at the University of Oslo, Nils Lid Hjort, who is also a Disney comics fan and has edited two books with the works of Don Rosa.

The two-page story was made specifically for the Speedskating magazine and has, as far as I know, not appeared anywhere else. It was printed in black-and-white, which really brings out Don Rosa’s beautifully detailed artwork, and extra large at two (sideways) rows per page. I was lucky to obtain a copy of the magazine back in 1998 and have scanned the two-page story below. More »

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Great 4-for-3 Books Promo at Amazon

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Amazon currently has a 4-for-3 promotion on books under $10. This is your chance to get a great deal on Gemstone’s Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories issues. These comics normally sell for $7.99 but with this promotion you can get them for $6 each (if you buy 4). And shipping within the United States is free on orders over $25 with Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping. 4 for 3 books

It was recently announced that Gemstone Publishing is in trouble due to unpaid bills, so the future of Disney comics in the United States is uncertain. The last issues that came out were Uncle Scrooge 383 and WDC&S 698 in November 2008 and these may very well be the last American Disney comics for a while. Amazon still has many of these great Gemstone comics in stock. Buy any 4 eligible items and get the lowest-priced item free. Check it out.

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Romano Scarpa Animation from 1982

Posted by Arthur in Italy, Romano Scarpa

This 5-minute animation from 1982 was made by Italian Disney comics artist Romano Scarpa as an introduction to a Disney TV special in Italy. The video shows a parade of Disney comic characters, including Detective Casey (by Floyd Gottfredson), Donald Duck’s superhero alter ego Paperinik (known in the US as Duck Avenger) and Brigitta McBridge (created by Romano Scarpa) following Scrooge McDuck. It’s a unique piece of animation with these characters that can normally only be found in the comic books, and some of them only in Italian comics. (via Cartoon Brew)

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