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Interview with Don Rosa

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Frank Stajano has the fifth part of his interview with Don Rosa on his Comics Podcast website. In this part Don Rosa talks about the twelve beautiful posters he did for Scrooge’s 60th anniversary in 2008. Each poster depicts a part of Scrooge’s life with scenes from some of Rosa’s favorite Barks stories. You can read the interview or listen to the podcast. Be sure to also check out the other parts of the interview: 4, 3, 2 and 1.

April 27th 2009 | 10:16 am CET | 2 Comments »

Two new Disney comic titles in India

Posted by Arthur in India, New Titles

New Indian Mickey Mouse magazine by Diamond ComicsDisney Publishing Worldwide has announced a licensing agreement with Indian publisher Junior Diamond to publish Disney comic books in India. Two new titles are scheduled to launch this month: Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse will each be available in English and Hindi and the publisher is planning additional versions in regional languages for the south India market. The 32-page monthly comic books, which will sell for Rs. 25 (approximately US$ 0.50) will each have a printrun of 50,000 copies. More »

April 17th 2009 | 11:29 am CET | 4 Comments »

Topolino celebrates 60th anniversary

Posted by Arthur in Anniversaries, Italy

Topolino issue 2784Italian weekly magazine Topolino (Mickey Mouse) is celebrating its 60th birthday this week. A ‘Topolino’ title has actually been around since 1932 (Topolino Giornale), but the book format as we know it today was started in April 1949. The magazine, still loved by children and adults and found anywhere in Italy where magazines are sold, maintains its market leadership with original comic stories and themed editorials. In recent years summer specials have sometimes driven up sales of the weekly comic to over one million copies. More »

April 7th 2009 | 8:43 pm CET | 2 Comments »

Lost Carl Barks story found

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In a story that has Disney comics fans around the world buzzing with excitement, a collector in Italy has uncovered what he believes is the original artwork of Carl Barks’ lost Golden Apples story from 1952. Olaf S. Pirlo, a life-long collector and afficianado of Disney comics, in particular the art of famous Disney artist Carl Barks, was able to obtain several boxes with archived material from the offices of Western Publishing in California, for which Barks worked for three decades. The Golden Apples story is to be published in a special collector’s book in Italy this summer and is expected to be picked up by other Disney publishers across Europe later in the year. More »

April 1st 2009 | 3:13 am CET | 4 Comments »
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