Topolino celebrates 60th anniversary

Posted on April 7th 2009 in Anniversaries, Italy

Topolino issue 2784Italian weekly magazine Topolino (Mickey Mouse) is celebrating its 60th birthday this week. A ‘Topolino’ title has actually been around since 1932 (Topolino Giornale), but the book format as we know it today was started in April 1949. The magazine, still loved by children and adults and found anywhere in Italy where magazines are sold, maintains its market leadership with original comic stories and themed editorials. In recent years summer specials have sometimes driven up sales of the weekly comic to over one million copies.

Topolino 60 years

The 60th anniversary is celebrated in this week’s special issue (#2784). Readers can win a trip to Disneyland Paris and there’s a special website where people can vote on their favorite stories from the last 60 years. After the initial votes a list of 12 stories has been compiled, and readers can now read and vote on these 12 stories online (to view them visit the website then click on ‘vota’). Among the finalists are Romano Scarpa’s The Flying Scot (1957) and Mickey’s Inferno (1949) by Guido Martina and Angelo Bioletto. Both of these stories were published in the United States in Uncle Scrooge 315 and Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories 666 respectively.


Apr 8, 2009
2:05 pm
#1 WhatADuck wrote:

Okay, Mickey’s Inferno was publishing in Walt Disney´s Comics & Stories 666 (Inferno & 666… Is it accidence or not… 🙂 ) but this is lot of shorter than in Topolino. All of the scariest moments are fixed…

Apr 9, 2009
6:14 pm
#2 David Gerstein wrote:

The version we used in WDC 666 was taken from an Italian album version of the 1990s. It has been remounted to match that album format, with more panels per page, but nevertheless has 97% of the story included.
Only one scary moment is missing—the sequence in Hades’ barber shop (where Goofy is originally sliced like a salami). The editing had nothing to do with Gemstone, though.

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