Boom! Studios to get Disney license?

Posted on May 27th 2009 in Publishers, United States

Columnist Rick Johnston at Comic Book Resources is reporting that Boom! Studios in the United States has picked up the Disney license that Gemstone Publishing lost earlier this year. This is definitely not an official statement and the page is sort of a rumors column, but if this is true it is some great news!

The Incredibles issue 1 by Boom! StudiosEarlier this year Boom! Studios obtained the license to publish comics based on characters from Disney/Pixar’s animated feature films. The first issues of these new comics hit newsstands in March, including a Cars and The Incredibles series.

Now this young publishing company (founded in 2005) may add Disney’s classic characters to its line-up, which reportedly will include: Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories (a monthly comic that started in 1940 and by the mid-1950s became the best selling comic book in the US), Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (both ended in 2006 already), Don Rosa’s The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (out of print for a while but still in high demand) and more.

Last time it took over four years for a new publisher to pick up the Disney license. Gladstone’s run ended in February 1999 and it wasn’t until July 2003 that Gemstone continued publishing Disney comics in the United States again.

I so much wish that this news is true and I hope that all the good people that lost their job at Gemstone earlier this year will be able to continue doing their great work at this new publisher as soon as possible. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Source: at Comic Book Resources here (via DCF)


May 28, 2009
7:02 am
#1 Roger North wrote:

I hope the rumor is true. It would be nice to have a new company that publishes Disney Comics. Especially the ones from The Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse Universes.

May 28, 2009
7:14 am
#2 Torsten Adair wrote:

Wow… what a string of failures… Gladstone, Disney, Marvel, Diamond… I hope Boom! will have success. I do not know how Mark Waid views Classic Disney (Magic Kingdom Come, anyone?) but know he is extremely knowledgeable.
The biggest problem is how to balance the children’s market with the collectors’ market… I would suggest following the Ehapa model. (Love those hardcovers!)
Boom! does not have newsstand distribution, which limits exposure to children. It seems they also do not process subscriptions, which is VERY important for children’s magazines.
Boom! is also currently without bookstore distribution, another big market, not just because of exposure to parents and children in bookstores (one of the few categories showing growth during this depression) but also because that supply chain also sells to public and school libraries.
Will Boom! (or any other licensee) create comics based on Disney/ABC properties on television? Or does Kingdom Comics claim that corner of the Disney-verse?

May 30, 2009
4:12 pm
#3 JeffConn wrote:

Great news. i hope they make the comics for kids instead of for 47 year old collectors (like me). As much as i enjoyed the Gemstone comics, there isn’t any growth potential in marketing comics to old farts like me.

By the way, Gemstone didn’t have newsstand or bookstore distribution either. And the subscription service was pretty pricey. NO discount from the cover price. What i hope that BOOM does get is their comics in the Disney Stores, and at the Disney parks. That is a captive audience that should be sought.

Jun 3, 2009
3:09 pm
#4 Rubyweb wrote:

Boom just got newstand distribution through Kable Distribution in March

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