Boom! Studios to distribute new Disney comics to newsstands and book stores

Posted on June 30th 2009 in Boom! Studios, United States

Boom! Studios will be distributing its new Disney comics through newsstands and mass market bookstores in the United States. Back in March, Boom announced a deal with Kable Distribution Services for newsstand distribution of their monthly Disney/Pixar comics The Incredibles and Cars. It is this same distribution channel that will be used for the new titles that start in September, including Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories (WDC&S) and Mickey Mouse and Friends.

Kable has a lot of experience in getting comics to kids with the distribution of their Archie Comics, which is virtually the only comic book available at grocery stores like Wal-Mart. To purchase any other comic book, Americans need to find a specialty comic book store or go online. This is quite different from the situation in many European countries, where Disney comics are sold nearly everywhere and reach huge distribution.

A friend in the comic book industry has informed me that Kable will be handling Boom’s Disney comics, including WDC&S and Mickey Mouse, putting the single $2.99 issues in regular stores across the country. Trade paperbacks will be available in book stores like Barnes & Nobles. Wow, this is great news! If Disney comics are to be displayed at stores like Walmart and Target it will greatly improve the exposure of these comics to the younger readers that Boom! is targeting.

Remember that back in 2002, Steve Geppi, owner of Gemstone Publishing, also announced his plan to bring his Disney comics to stores like Wal-Mart and Target, via Diamond Book Distributors. At that time he seemed pretty confident about being able to do this, but we all know how that ended. I hope that this will not happen again.

So what do we know about the new Boom Disney comics so far? Here is a rundown of the facts:

  • Boom! has obtained the license to publish Disney comics with characters from Pixar’s animated feature films as well as classic characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse
  • The Pixar titles, including The Incredibles and Cars, were launched in March 2009 and from the latest Previews magazine we’ve learned that WDC&S and Mickey Mouse will start in September
  • Each monthly issue will have 24 pages (with 22 pages of comics) and sell for $2.99. This is a lower price-per-issue, but a comparable price-per-page to Gemstone’s publications
  • All of Boom’s new Disney comics will be sold at newsstands, book stores and specialty comic book stores
  • WDC&S and Mickey Mouse will start off with two multi-part Italian series called Ultraheroes and Wizards of Mickey, which are intended to appeal more to the younger audience that Boom is targeting. Both stories run for more than 240 pages so it is likely that this will occupy both titles for nearly a year
  • At a later stage Boom will also be handling the ‘classic’ material that Gemstone published, as Boom’s co-founder Ross Richie commented: “We’re not going to abandon the fans that are buying that material, so we will have programs and products for them.”

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? I’m excited!


Jul 1, 2009
9:49 am
#1 Torsten Adair wrote:

I think one should differentiate between “sold” and “available”.

“Available” means that the product is offered to a specific retailer or market. BOOM! comics are available to the Direct Market and newsstands, and their books are available to the Direct Market and bookstores and libraries.

“Sold” means that a specific retailer is stocking the product. B&N does stock Toy Story and Cars (via Ingram Periodicals), but that varies by store.

Grocery stores MIGHT have a newsstand, but the sweet spot is the checkout lane. Archie digests appear there, and are an impulse item, just like the National Enquirer and Hershey’s chocolate.

Otherwise, all regular size comics (7 x 10 inches) are shelved on newsstands, usually with other children’s periodicals. Kids might not notice them, which is why there used to be those 3-in-1 polybags of old issues available in toy stores and truck stops. (Ehapa currently offers a similar product, as a “grab bag” of three Mickey Maus issues.

BOOM! is ahead of Gemstone with newsstand distribution. The last time I saw Disney comics on the newsstand was when Gladstone partnered with Marvel. (At about the time Mickey Maus was printing “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck”.)

Oct 26, 2009
12:07 pm
#2 William Ohm wrote:

Your website offers a subscription to walt Disney Comics & Stories (#699-702). Is that for 12 issues?

Oct 26, 2009
12:10 pm
#3 Arthur wrote:

William, this site doesn’t sell subscriptions. Please contact Boom! Kids at for subscriptions and other information about these comics.

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