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Posted on August 11th 2009 in Publishers, United States

Back in May, Walt Disney Studios launched Kingdom Comics, a new division tasked with re-imagining and rejuvenating Disney’s live action films as 128-page plus graphic novels. The company’s other goal is to create original material that will have the potential to be made into new film projects.

The new division is overseen by actor and novelist Ahmet Zappa, producer Harris Katleman and graphic novelist, actor and producer Christian Beranek. Zappa commented: “The ability to create new publications based on properties from the Disney vaults, and to develop original ideas for graphic novels and possibly future Disney films, is a dream job filled with enormous fun and potential. Being a storyteller myself, I can’t wait to work with some of today’s top writers and artists in bringing a fresh approach to graphic novels and the movies. We’re also excited to discover and develop promising new talents in this field.”

At last weekend’s Wizard World in Chicago, Kingdom Comics co-founder Christian Neranek gave out some more details about his Kingdom Comics. “Think totally in the spirit of National Treasure and Pirates of the Caribbean,” he said. “Our purpose is to go back and re-imagine stuff that Disney may not have thought of, or they may have a mandate like ‘Look, we have a lot of equity in something that is thirty years old that people are fond of.'”

“We’re not going to be interested in doing the single-issue format,” he said. “It’s going to be on a book-publishing schedule every four months when we launch. We’re shooting to have the books out Fall of next year.”

Read more on last weekend’s panel at Wizard World on Comic Book Resources.

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