Covers and 5-page preview of Donald Duck 347 from Boom! Kids

Posted on October 29th 2009 in Boom! Studios, United States

On November 4th, Boom! Kids will launch their new Donald Duck & Friends series with issue #374 (pre-order here). It’s the first new issue of Donald Duck & Friends in almost three years. The series originally started in 1952.

Boom is kicking off Donald Duck with another series from the pages of Italian Topolino. This 142-page saga is titled DoubleDuck featuring Donald as a secret agent. It was written by Fausto Vitaliano and Marco Bosco with art by Andrea Freccero, Francesco D’Ippolito, Marco Mazzarello and Vitale Mangiatordi.

Here is a preview of the covers and the first five pages of the story:

Donald Duck 347 Cover A
Donald Duck 347 Cover A
Donald Duck 347 Cover B
Donald Duck 347 Cover B
Credits page
Donald Duck 347 Credits
Page 1 of story (DD 347)
Page 1 of story
Page 2 of story (DD 347)
Page 2 of story
Page 3 of story (DD 347)
Page 3 of story
Page 4 of story (DD 347
Page 4 of story
Page 5 of story (DD 347)
Page 5 of story


Oct 29, 2009
6:07 pm
#1 Erik wrote:

Looks much better than the old “Mickey Mouse: Super Secret Agent” stories!

Nov 2, 2009
4:42 pm
#2 Joakim Gunnarsson wrote:

I’ve been following this storyline in the Swedish pocket books and I have to say it is really good with some unexpected twists and turns.

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