Covers and 5-page preview of Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories 699 featuring Ultraheroes

Posted on October 1st 2009 in Boom! Studios, United States

UltraheroesThe next new Disney comics series to be released by Boom! Kids is Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories. Launched in 1940, WDC&S is one of the longest-lived and greatest comics of all time. Issue number 699 will be released on October 7th.

The series kicks off with the first chapter of a 9-part Italian multi-part series, originally titled Ultraheroes, which features all the superheroes of the Disney comics universe in an epic clash against the super villains to determine the faith of the world. The series was written by Giorgio Salati, Riccardo Secchi and Alessandro Ferrari and features beautiful artwork by Ettore Gula, Roberta Migheli and Stefano Turconi.

Here is a preview of the covers and the first five pages of the story:

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories 699 Cover A
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories 699 Cover A
Walt Disney's Comics & Stories 699 Cover b
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories 699 Cover B
Credits page
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories 699 Credits
Page 1 of story (WDC&S 699)
Page 1 of story
Page 2 of story (WDC&S 699)
Page 2 of story
Page 3 of story (WDC&S 699)
Page 3 of story
Page 4 of story (WDC&S 699)
Page 4 of story
Page 5 of story (WDC&S 699)
Page 5 of story


Oct 3, 2009
3:04 am
#1 Francesco wrote:

This one’s a lot better than WoM. Not your everyday story, not a masterpiece, but quite funny and enjoyable.

Too bad they got the writers’ name wrong, though!

Oct 5, 2009
3:09 pm
#2 Michael T. wrote:

I liked it and I recommend it!Love the artwork! I vote for cover B because I own cover A.

Oct 13, 2009
11:10 am
#3 Phred wrote:

I looked and I loooked, but I couldn’t find any of Boom’s Disney comics!
I found their Disney-Pixar comics, but no Disney.
Boom is going to distribute these to Canada right?

Oct 13, 2009
4:35 pm
#4 Arthur wrote:

@Phred: Where I live (in the Chicago area) they sell them at my local comic shop and I’ve also found them at Barnes and Nobles. You can try to contact the publisher to ask them where in your area they sell these comics:

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