Official Disney DigiComics sites in UK and Italy

Posted on January 4th 2010 in Digital Comics, Websites

The United Kingdom and Italy now have a DigiComics section on their local Disney websites. The two sites can be found at and They are only two pages, but provide some official information about the service.

The homepage has two large features for Wizards of Mickey and Superduck:

UK Disney DigiComics homepage

UK Disney DigiComics homepage

Then there’s an Info page with some questions and answers. First it is made clear that the digital comics will be available on “mobile and smartphones, iPhones® and iPods®, PSP™ and PSP™go”. Secondly it says that “5 new stories will be released each week within the Comic Store of PlayStation®Store and Apple’s online stores, and will continue to be available in an ever growing Digicomics’ digital archive.”

I had previously heard that they were planning to release 10 stories per week, but 5 is still a good amount. The service has now been available on the PSP for two-and-a-half weeks and the number of stories is still 40 as it was the day it launched.

UK Disney DigiComics info page

I can not find any information about DigiComics on the US website at, even though the service has launched here on December 16th too. It has always surprised me that there is never any information about Disney comics on the company’s main corporate website. Everything is covered, from animation to television and from books to theme parks, but the comic books are not mentioned anywhere, even though in a lot of countries in the world that is most people’s main access to the world of Disney every week.


Jan 19, 2010
9:18 am
#1 Phred wrote:

Ooh, what do you know, there is a Disney Digicomics App on the Canadian iTunes store.
Maybe this will satisfy my desire for Old-Fashioned Disney comics.
Not that Boom’s Epic Adventures aren’t bad, I like those, too.
Although I wonder why It’s Superduck and not Duck Avenger?

Jan 19, 2010
9:43 am
#2 Phred wrote:

Playing around with the iPod app. The free stories are interesting, but I notice there’s a lot of rotating required to read properly. At least once in both the free stories I had to rotate my iPod to landscape orientation to actually read everything. Still good, I guess. I still think I’d want to read digital comics on the larger screen of the computer.

Mar 3, 2010
9:51 pm
#3 jannette42 wrote:

Digicomics is available in English at the ITunes App Store in the U.S. for the IPod Touch and IPhone! Check it out!

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