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BOOM Kids! brings back DuckTales

Posted by Arthur in Boom! Studios, United States

Just a few days ago BOOM Kids! announced the launch of a new Darkwing Duck series in June. Today we learned that this same month will see the return of another classic Disney TV show to comic books in the USA. Starting with issue #392, the Uncle Scrooge series will feature four issues of DuckTales stories.

The kick-off issue will contain the 1991 Danish story The Everlasting Coal (written by Paul Halas and Tom Anderson with art by Xavier Vives Mateu) and a reprint of The Littlest Gizmoduck from 1990 (art by Roberto Santillo), which was originally created for Disney Adventures.

“DuckTales is one of the most beloved television shows of the ’90s,” said BOOM Kids! editor Aaron Sparrow. “It’s just spectacular to be bringing it back for a whole new generation to discover and enjoy!”

Uncle Scrooge #392 will have two different covers. The one shown here is with art by Dutch artist Michel Nadorp.

Uncle Scrooge 392 by BOOM Kids!

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Darkwing Duck is Back!

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Do you remember Darkwing Duck, the terror that flaps in the night? The 1990s superhero duck from Saturday mornings on ABC returns in his own comic book mini-series from Boom! Studios this June. Lanchpad McQuack, Gosalyn Mallard and the fiercest of Darkwing’s rogue gallery all join the daring duck of mystery in an all-new, completely original four-issue mini-series: Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns.

Darkwing Duck by Boom! Studios

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German Lustiges Taschenbuch Celebrates 400th Issue

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One of the most successful paperbacks in the world comes out with its 400th issue this month. Since Lustiges Taschenbuch was first published in October 1967, Ehapa Verlag in Germany has published over 215 million copies of this popular Disney comic. The 250-page books are published 13 times per year with a print-run of approximately 400,000 copies. Over the years several spin-off series have been added, including Christmas and Easter specials, a Ducks-only edition, a Mini version and even an English edition.

The 400th issue comes out on March 9th. To celebrate this milestone, Ehapa is also releasing a four-volume special edition presenting a selection of some of the best stories by the best artists. The four books will be released one per week in the month of March.

Lustiges Taschenbuch 400

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