German Ehapa releases two special issues for the 2010 World Cup

Posted on May 23rd 2010 in Germany, New Releases

In anticipation of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, German publisher Ehapa is releasing two special issues of Lustiges Taschenbuch with football-themed stories. The first is Lustiges Taschenbuch Extra released on May 21st (€6.99). The 300-page book contains 12 stories, but most of the pages are filled with a new 221-page saga written by Riccardo Secchi titled 2010 World Cup Cubed, which is currently also running in Italian Topolino. This is actually the second issue of LTB Extra; the first one came out in 2006 in conjunction with the World Cup in that year.

Issue 403 of the regular Lustiges Taschenbuch series, in stores on June 1st (€4.99), is also football-themed with 8 Danish and Italian stories by Giorgio Cavazzano, Casty and others.

Lustiges Taschenbuch is one of Germany’s most popular series. The 250-page monthly books have a circulation of approximately 240,000 copies and a readership of 418,000 (source).

Lustiges Taschenbuch Extra 2 Lustiges Taschenbuch 403

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