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10-page Preview of Alice in Wonderland Graphic Novel

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BOOM! Studios is releasing a new trade paperback this week with the graphic novel adaptation of Tim Burton’s 2010 film Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp. The comic was created in Italy by Alessandro Ferrari, Max Narciso and Marieke Ferrari and the project was overseen by Burton himself. The book contains the 63-page story and a 32-page ‘making of’ with behind-the-scenes information and artwork of the adaptation and development of the comic book.

You can find a 10-page preview of the story below.

Alice in Wonderland Graphic Novel

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Germany to get ‘official’ Duckburg Travel Guide

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Ehapa Comic Collection in Germany is publishing the Reiseführer Entenhausen mit Stadtplan (“Duckburg Travel Guide with Map”). Information in the guide is solely based on stories by Carl Barks, who created Duckburg and many of its inhabitants. The city that we now know as the home of Donald Duck and the famous Money Bin was first mentioned in his story High Wire Daredevils in 1944.

The 48-page softcover book will be available in Germany on August 10th for €19,95. It has also been seen on, where international orders are possible.

Reisefuhrer Entenhausen mit Stadtplan

(via F.I.E.S.E.L.S.C.H.W.E.I.F.)

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More Barks Statues from Dark Horse: Classic Uncle Scrooge Series 2

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Four new figures have been announced of Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck and the nephews. It’s Dark Horse’s second series of Syroco-style statues based on artwork by Carl Barks, following six others that were released last year. These new ones will come out from August to October and can now be pre-ordered at Things From Another World for $39.96 each:

Classic Uncle Scrooge Series 2 Character #1: Klondike Statue Classic Uncle Scrooge Series 2 Character #2: Donald Duck
#1: Uncle Scrooge in the Klondike
(August 25th, 2010)
#2: Donald Duck with “Square Eggs”
(September 15th, 2010)
Classic Uncle Scrooge Series 2 Character #3: Uncle Scrooge Classic Uncle Scrooge Series 2 Character #4: Huey, Dewey, and Louie Statue
#3: Uncle Scrooge “Cash N’ Carry”
(September 22nd, 2010)
#4: Huey, Dewey and Louie
(October 20th, 2010)

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