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Posted on October 30th 2010 in Boom! Studios, News, United States

Starting January 2011, BOOM! Studios is changing the format of some of their Disney comics. Earlier this week the publisher announced that ‘classics are back’. We’ve now learned what’s inside their January line-up and it’s good news for fans of traditional Disney comics.

For the past year we’ve been seeing mostly long Italian adventure stories in BOOM!’s Disney comics, such as Ultraheroes and Wizards of Mickey. It now looks like BOOM! is returning some of their titles to a more traditional format, with several short stories in each issue, featuring both classic reprints and new stories that haven’t been seen in the United States yet.

Mickey Mouse 304 Walt Disney's Comics & Stories 715

Here’s what’s inside Mickey Mouse 304, coming out in January 2011:

And here are the contents for Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories 715:

  • “70th Heaven!” by Daan Jippes
  • Untitled Li’l Bad Wolf / Donald Duck story by Gill Turner
  • “Forget Me Not” written by Ruud Straatman / art by Don Rosa
  • “Life Savers” written by Carl Barks / art by Daan Jippes

Check out BOOM!’s other January comics here.


Nov 2, 2010
8:39 pm
#1 Bill wrote:

Wow! This is really great news. I have almost (except for 3 issues) a complete collection of Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories and am happy to see a return to the traditionsl format.

Nov 15, 2010
10:15 am
#2 Ken wrote:

Coo! I’m going to start buying them again.

Dec 21, 2010
1:54 am
#3 Allan. W. Gray wrote:

What I really don’t like about Boom Disney comics is that they have and will have(for the classics as well!!) the same comic with 2 different covers. It will make it very expensive over time. Do you think they will change that idea, and what do you other people think about that?? Don’t get me wrong I love Disney comics and have since the late 1950’s. Allan

Jul 6, 2013
5:16 pm
#4 Bill wrote:

I haven’t seen or heard anything about the new Disney comics. I understand BOOM lost the license; then I heard Disney bought out Marvel. Just curious, are the comics even available anymore and where?

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