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Video of Don Rosa at 2010 Germany Tour

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Last October, Don Rosa toured through Germany where he signed at several comic shops and at the Egmont stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Check out this wonderful video (with German commentary) by Jano Rohleder.

In the video you can see Rosa holding a copy of the new limited edition statue that was exclusively produced by German Comic und Spielzeug in collaboration with the artist. The statue is now for sale and the company is also currently selling the statue on eBay.

Here’s another video of Rosa drawing Scrooge and Magica De Spell:

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Uncle Scrooge Reaches Milestone 400th Issue

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Long-running Uncle Scrooge will reach its 400th issue in February! The world’s richest duck first appeared in the Donald Duck story Christmas on Bear Mountain by Carl Barks. By 1952 the character’s popularity convinced publisher Dell to try three one-shot issues featuring Scrooge in a leading role. After the three one-shots Scrooge was given his own title, starting with issue #4 in December 1953. The monthly comic is currently published in the United States by BOOM! Studios, who celebrates the milestone issue featuring artwork by Carl Barks, Don Rosa, Daan Jippes and Giorgio Cavazzano.

Uncle Scrooge 400

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New Disney Classic Collections from BOOM! Studios in 2011

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Back in October, BOOM! Studios already let us know that they will focus more classic Disney comics in 2011. Today the publisher announced that a ‘plethora of classic collections’ will be hitting store shelves in the first half of 2011. The covers and contents of four 160-page books were revealed today, featuring stories by some the world’s most famous Disney comics creators.

“When we say ‘Classics Are Back at BOOM!’, we mean it!” Said BOOM! Studios Marketing Director Chip Mosher. “BOOM! is bringing tons of classic Disney stories by such beloved creators as Don Rosa, Floyd Gottfredson, Al Taliaferro among others! The fans demanded it and BOOM! delivers!”

Walt Disney Treasury Volume 1 Walt Disney Treasury Volume 2
Walt Disney's Comics & Stories Archives Volume 1 Disney's Four Color Adventures Volume 1

Walt Disney Treasury: Donald Duck Volume 1 collects some of Don Rosa earliest stories, including: Return to Plain Awful, Oolated Luck, Give Unto Others, Recalled Wreck, Mythological Menagerie, Making the Grade, Fit to be Pied, Rocket Reverie, Forget Me Not, Star-Struck Duck, Metaphorically Spanking, The Crocodile Collector, and Fir-Tree Fracas. It also includes a cover gallery and ‘ducky behind-the-scenes details never before told’.

Walt Disney Treasury: Donald Duck Volume 2 continues to collect Don Rosa’s classic run of Donald Duck stories including Donald’s travels across the globe and time, from Norway for the Winter Olympics to the Middle Ages for an epic battle against none other than King Arthur himself.

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories Archive Volume 1 will start a new series reprinting the longest-running comic series in history, in chronological order! Volume 1 brings readers classic Disney stories from famed creators like Floyd Gottfredson, the legendary artist behind the Mickey Mouse newspaper comic strip, and Al Taliaferro, creator of fan-favorite characters Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Disney’s Four-color Adventures Volume 1 cracks open the Disney vault to find some of the rarest Disney comics ever created! This volume features classic Disney comics and gag strips from such creators as Al Taliaferro, Disney Legend Jack Hannah and many more, reprinted for the first time in decades.

The books are now available for pre-order on Amazon:

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