Monthly Disney Comics to Return to the United States in 2015

Posted on October 17th 2014 in Publishers, United States

IDW Publishing Uncle Scrooge Artifact EditionOver three years since BOOM! Studios stopped publishing monthly Disney comics in the United States, another publisher has finally stepped up to the plate. IDW Publishing recently announced that beginning in 2015 fans can expect to see the first wave of classic Disney comics in English return, with ‘multiple monthly series’ featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many more.

IDW CEO Ted Adams said: “There’s nothing quite like Disney. Despite the fact that nearly all of the titles in its library were originally intended for kids, adult collectors have long sought high quality and regularly published collections of classic Disney material. IDW is thrilled to present these beloved stories in quality packages for both entry level comics readers and serious collectors alike.”

Beside the monthly series, the announcement also mentions IDW’s award-winning Artist


Nov 6, 2014
1:31 pm
#1 Chuck wrote:

First, nice to see an entry on your blog, Arthur! Not that there’s been much to write about new US Disney comics, which has been nothing short of an oxymoron for the past few years.

For me, who will, I am quite certain, not have the budget for these Artifact and Artist Edition, the proof will be in the other titles vaguely promised. I am unfamiliar with the “Micro-Comics”, so cannot really comment on those. If IDW can provide a decent monthly assortment without being overwhelming *and* manage to capture the interest of a younger generation (which at this point may be nearly impossible), then this might have half a chance. I’ve had my Disney comics hopes burnt a few too many times over the past 30 years to be overly enthusiastic now.

Feb 2, 2015
3:13 pm
#2 Nilson Rog wrote:

Well, I guess Disney comics will always have a place into many people’s heart: as far as great stories go, they will neither disappear for good nor find no public willing to read the greatly-written and drawn stories they have to offer.

So, it’s great to learn they’re alive and kicking well into this promising century of ours.

Oct 29, 2016
7:09 am
#3 Manjeet Kaur wrote:

Its nice that Disney Comics had returned back. I love Disney comics as everyone do. Cute characters, Donald Duck, Heuy, Louie, Dewey, Uncle Scrooge and so on.
Can’t wait to purchase new publications.

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