Daan Jippes Collection Volume 1 out now!

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Donald Duck Family by Gemstone PublishingScoop is reporting the release of a great new series by Gemstone Publishing in the United States. The first book in the Donald Duck Family: The Daan Jippes Collection Vol. 1 is out now! It features the first five Junior Woodchucks stories that were written by Carl Barks and drawn by talented Dutch Disney artist Daan Jippes.

Legendary duck artist Carl Barks created 24 pencil-scripts after he retired in 1969. These stories have been completed by Daan Jippes in a style faithful to that of Barks. Jippes started drawing the stories in 1992 and has just recently finished the last few, which have already been printed in Europe. Americans can now enjoy these beautifully crafted stories, featuring Donald’s nephews Huey, Duey and Louie as the Junior Woodchucks, in this new series. You can order the first volume of the Daan Jippes Collection on Amazon for just $8.99.

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Stan Lee and Disney working on online comic book ‘Time Jumper’

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Time Jumper by Stan LeeHere’s some exciting Disney comics news: Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron Man, is teaming up with Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment to produce a revolutionary new concept in comic book format: Time Jumper. According to the press release: “Time Jumper will become the industry’s most ambitious digital comic book series ever designed to release on multiple platforms.”

Disney also announced an extension of the deal with Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment Inc. that covers all forms of media from movies and television, to publishing, games, the internet and mobile-web.

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New Pixar-based comics in United States

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Pixar comicBOOM! Studios and Disney Publishing Worldwide have announced today that they will bring brand new stories based on characters from Disney Pixar’s animated feature films to the comic book medium. The comics will feature characters from Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and WALL*E.

“Today, American comic books are aimed primarily at an older readership. Comics produced for an upcoming generation of readers are scarce – and BOOM! Studios aims to do something about that,” said Waid. “There will be comics for kids again!”

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Gemstone’s Disney comics back on track

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After a few delays at Gemstone Publishing, Disney comics are back on track in the United States with several new releases scheduled for this month. To be shipped in January 2008 are Disney’s Ducktales by Marv Wolfman: Scrooge’s Quest, Uncle Scrooge #371, Uncle Scrooge #372 and Walt Disney Treasures Vol. 2: Uncle Scrooge — A Little Something Special. For details on what you can find in these new issues see Scoop.

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Walt Disney Treasures

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This month Gemstone Publishing in the United States is releasing the second issue in their Walt Disney Treasures series. Uncle Scrooge: A Little Something Special, a 160-page trade paperback, celebrating Scrooge McDuck’s 60th anniversary in style.

Walt Disney Treasures: Uncle Scrooge

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Disney Adventures cancelled!

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Disney Adventures cancelledDisney Publishing Worldwide has cancelled Disney Adventures, a monthly digest-sized magazine with comics and articles for tweens.

The series was launched in the United States in 1990. The November issue will be the publication’s final issue. The company said that the decision was made to better focus resources and maximize long-term growth potential through new magazine and book initiatives.

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The Barks / Rosa Collection

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This month the United States sees the release of the first book in a new series of Gemstone trade paperbacks pairing Carl Barks’ classic Scrooge adventures with Don Rosa’s modern-day sequels! In Volume 1 of Uncle Scrooge Adventures: The Barks / Rosa Collection (buy online for $8.50) Barks’ classic “Land of the Pygmy Indians” is teamed with its follow-up, “War of the Wendigo”. When Scrooge grows sick of the big city’s rumble, his back-to-nature journey takes him to a pueblo untouched by modern times. There he meets the Peeweegah, Native Americans whose traditions haven’t changed in a thousand years… and whom he must defend from modernity’s encroaching grasp! The 64-page book that is released today features a beautiful original cover by Don Rosa:

The Barks / Rosa Collection Volume 1

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Eisner Award nomination for Don Rosa

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Uncle Scrooge 354A panel of judges have arrived at the 2007 nominees for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, considered the “Oscars” of the comic book industry. Among the nominees of this year is Don Rosa’s “The Black Knight Glorps Again”, from Gemstone’s Uncle Scrooge #354 (buy for $6.96), nominated for Best Short Story. It is the third story by Rosa to feature his original character, The Black Knight, whom first appeared in 1997. More »

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Easter in Duckburg

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Uncle Scrooge issue 364This week, Gemstone’s Uncle Scrooge #364 (buy for $7.50) features three Easter-inspired Uncle Scrooge stories. In Pat and Carol McGreal’s “Scrambled Eggs”, Scrooge’s antique Fibbergee Egg gets swapped with a decorated ostrich egg; in Lars Jensen’s “The Nest Egg” huckster architect Lardo J. Porkington rooks Scrooge into building an egg-shaped money bin; and finally Dick Kinney and Al Hubbard’s “The Egg and Why” has Scrooge’s Number One Dime swallowed by Fethry Duck’s hungry hens! The issue also has two Beagle Boys tales, starting off with a feature-length Carl Barks classic from 1963, “Case of the Sticky Money”, in which the crooks are suddenly rich and nephews Huey, Duey and Louie invent a strong super glue. Following this unusual premise, we meet the B-Boyz, the future Beagle Boys, when Gyro Gearloose travels “Into the Future” with his time-machine-borne descendant, Chip. More »

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A case of Spring Fever

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Spring Fever 2007 by Gemstone PublishingSpring Fever is the first of a new seasonal special from Gemstone. The annual series will feature spring-themed stories. This year’s volume (out on 25 April; pre-order here for $9.50) contains the stories “Mystery of the Swamp” – a classic Donald Duck adventure by Carl Barks, “Lost on a Dog and Nap in Nature” – Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck short stories by William Van Horn, “Spooks Island” – a vintage Mickey classic from the 1950s. The cover is by Dutch artist Daan Jippes. More »

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