May 5th 2007 is Free Comic Book Day

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Mickey Mouse comicOn Free Comic Book Day, participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their stores. This year’s 6th Free Comic Book Day will be on Saturday 5 May 2007. Gemstone Publishing’s contribution this year will feature a story by 2006 Eisner Award Hall of Fame honoree Floyd Gottfredson’s; “The Robin Hood Adventure” (1936) takes our hero, Mickey Mouse, to Medieval times, where he must prove himself a warrior — sword-fighting, jousting, and risking his life to rob the rich! More »

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New books with Barks and Rosa-paired stories coming this spring

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This year Gemstone Publishing will start a new series of trade paperbarks that will pair Carl Barks’ classic Scrooge adventures with Don Rosa’s modern-day sequels! The first Uncle Scrooge Adventures book in the series will come out on June 25th (pre-order here) and will feature Barks’ 1957 story “Land of the Pygmy Indians” and its 1991 follow-up “War of the Wendigo” by Don Rosa.

Panel from Rosa's War of the Wendigo
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Fourth chapter of Mickey Mouse Joins the Foreign Legion in WDC&S 678

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This month’s issue #678 of Gemstone’s Walt Disney Comics & Stories (buy for $7.50) features the fourth and final chapter of Eisner Hall of Fame artist Floyd Gottfredson’s “Mickey Mouse Joins the Foreign Legion”. Crooked sergeant Pegleg Pete and his accomplice, Trigger Hawkes, plot to desert Mickey’s squad at Sikh Abed oasis. How can Mickey outwit a mob of 250 gun-toting robbers? Don’t miss this red-hot Gottfredson classic! More »

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Long lost Marco Rota story published in Uncle Scrooge this month

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This month Gemstone’s Uncle Scrooge #363 (buy for $7.50) features a long lost Italian story from 1983: Marco Rota’s Paperino e la notte del saraceno (“Night of the Saracen”). The 35-page story’s photostats, necessary to print the story at high-quality, had apparently been lost for a decade, so that by the time it could be printed in an American comic, printing material could not be found. Now, the art has been recovered and the story is available in its full splendor. More »

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Editora Abril celebrates 500th issue of Tio Patinhas

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This month marks the anniversary of Brazilian monthly magazine Tio Patinhas (‘Uncle Scrooge’), as publisher Editora Abril publishes the popular series’ 500th issue. The commemorative issue of Tio Patinhas will feature stories by several classic Disney masters, including Carl Barks, Tony Strobl, Marco Rota, William van Horn and Don Rosa.

Tio Patinhas issue 500
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Walt Disney’s Comics #677 celebrates 75 years of Bucky Bug

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This week’s Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #677 celebrates Bucky Bug’s 75th birthday, with a collection of new and classic adventures featuring this famous bug, who first appeared in a Silly Symphony Sunday Strip on 10 January 1932. From there it was on to decades of original comic stories produced around the world, most of them told in verse. More »

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Mickey Mouse and Blotman in Blotman Returns

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By popular demand, fan favorite writers Pat and Carol McGreal reteam with artist Joaquin Sanchez for another alternate universe Disney adventure! Once again Mickey Mouse battles alongside Blotman – the otherworldly superhero equivalent of Mouseton’s evil Phantom Blot! Goofy, too, gets wrapped up in things when his own otherworldly double, billionaire Goofus D. Dawg, is imperiled by the evil Doctor Stat! Mickey Mouse and Blotman: Blotman Returns from Gemstone Publishing is available for $5.99.

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Walt Disney’s birthplace for sale on eBay

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The house where Walt Disney was born, 2156 N. Tripp in Chicago, is up for auction on eBay starting at US$ 250,000. The four-bedroom, frame house was built in 1893 by Disney’s father, Elias, and it is was where Walt Disney was born 105 years ago this week. The house was posted by owners Radoje and Barbara Popovic. More »

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Mickey Mouse joins the Foreign Legion!

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Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #675From Scoop*: It’s here at last! Years ago, 1980s Disney licensee Gladstone Publishing planned to publish “Mickey Mouse Joins the Foreign Legion,” a legendary serial by 2006 Eisner Hall of Fame inductee Floyd Gottfredson. The story was shelved at that time, but this month Gemstone serves it up for us at last — and Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #675 (buy it here for $6.95) is its home. Join two-fisted Mickey for a harrowing induction into the Secret Service… and a battle for secret plans with a sinister spy! More »

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Brazil celebrates 75 years of Pluto with special edition

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Disney Aventuras, BrazilBrazil’s publisher of Disney comics, Editorial Abril, celebrates the 75th anniversary of Mickey’s dog Pluto with a special edition of Aventuras Disney. The magazine is dedicated to the character and contains “Pluto the Pup”, the first Pluto comic story from 1931 by Floyd Gottfredson. More »

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